Monday, November 22, 2010

What Men Really Want

Godspeed - Edmund Blair Leighton in 1900

If you thought men were simple, you thought right. You were just wrong about what we wanted. Trust me, it isn't too complex. Men, on the other hand, seemingly innocuous, might surprise you once in a while. But still, we're pretty simple with what we want. At least we know what it is.

Back in the days of the caveman, men were the simplest of the humans. They were the hunters; they were the warriors and the scouts who went out looking for the wooly mammoths. Their needs were pretty simple. They wanted good food for themselves and their families and their tribes. They wanted protection from the wild beasts that lived around them. They were the providers of their culture. They were respected. The old sages and witch doctors were generally men and they were revered. Men were the powerful leaders of society and I need not say that simple though those civilisations were, the men must have enjoyed their lives, to an extent, anyway.

As the civilisations progressed through science, man's (in a masculine way, generally, because of the norm of the society) interest was continually piqued. Men were again among the more noteworthy people, be it in science or politics or literature or anything else for that matter (with a few exceptions here and there, of course).

As we entered the new millenium with the era of electronics, men's interests waned from the fields a little and joined forces with the digital media. Again, they became most of the pioneers in the world in most aspects. All the geeks are men. Most of the famous sportspeople are men. Most literary geniuses are men. The world is literally ruled by men.

Now don't get me wrong. This isn't a parochial society at all. Men were simply born to lead. It comes naturally to them. Through the ages, men have always been the providers and protectors and artists of the society. Men love respect and a sense of appreciation for what they do or even try to do.

Most women think men to be “dogs”. As a man myself, I'd put in a nutshell that this is what men want you to think. Now I won't be divulging all of my compadres' secrets at this platform, but men are not as simple as most people think they are. Booze, sex, video games, gadgets, sports, bikes and cars are only things that pique mens' interests. No man is obsessed with anything of the sort. Certainly, there are the few oddities that crop up now and then. We men want women to think that we're too simple and easy to figure out so when a certain woman finds a man who isn't like that, she's literally swept off her feet. As I said, men love to dominate, even if it's only from the sidelines like Julius Caesar giving his orders to his legions, not from within their midst, but from a hilltop nearby.

There are many kinds of men. Some are fighters. Some are philanderers. Some are wanderers and others are too focussed on one particular thing. They become billionares and end up on the covers of Forbes magazine. The one thing you would notice about men is that we want to be ahead of the crowd and recieve due appreciation. Every man has an ego. I request every woman not to hurt it. We men do not need material gifts to be satisfied. We do not need to undo your Victoria's Secret lingerie every weekend to be satisfied. No. What men want is gratitude. Make us feel needed. Give men the position that we've always had since the very existence of Man. That is what men want.

Men want to lead, be the ace in the hole and if want the required regards from whoever that matters. Now, this is very important. Men do not care about everyone. We love very few people in our lives. For most men, it is our mother, our closest friends (there's very few of them) and of course, the girlfriend or wife (not counting gay men here; they might think differently. I'm not prejudiced. I've just never spoken to a someone who's gay). We are totally honest with these aforementioned people, not as much with others. Every person shows love in different ways. It is the same with men. But the one thing common about every man is that we want to be loved back and want, once again, gratitude for our efforts. Men are pretty simple, right? Our needs are rather basic.

Now, I wouldn't to divulge all of Adam's secrets. I'd like to keep a few to let the more oblivious ones out there wonder and brood over the simplicities of man. I've told you what we basically want. What else might one want to know about men? You always thought that we're not too hard to please. Now you might understand why. The best thing is, if we tell you what it is we want, we're usually not lying. We do want that. Only the degrees of need might vary. So how well do you think you know men?

PS. You can treat this text in any way that you wish to. Men won't change; never have for millenia.

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Dimitri said...

Hehehe!! I loved the last line.

I wasn't too wrong in my perceptions. But of course you always find a King who prefers a Queen to a silly princess.
God bless the King.. and his Queen !!
She always shoots from behind his shoulder. ;-)

D2 said...

And a Queen is what these men crave for. They make do with princesses until they find one, and when they do, well, I needn't elaborate. :P

Purba said...

"Men were simply born to lead. It comes naturally to them" Ouch! that hurt.

Wouldn't agree with you when you say men won't change. A lot of men home, in office. Whether the women becoming vocal about their needs are responsible for this change, is a matter for another long debate.

And congrats! notable newbie:))

D2 said...

@Purba Di : Do not get me wrong. This isn't aimed as a chauvinistic article. I'm merely stating the mentality of men.

Yes, a lot of men do the odd jobs but they always want to be and in most cases, are the bread-earners. Women are certainly being empowered more and more and though this is a good thing, men always feel the need to feel like leaders.

Thank you. :)

Samadrita said...

This post sounded like 'A brief history of manhood'. :P
Very detailed. Btw there are a few typos here and there..their instead of there and so on.
Best of luck for the contest!

D2 said...

@Sammy : Yeah, 'A brief history of manhood' does sound right to an extent! :D
Thanks. And thanks for telling me about the typos. I do believe I type a little too fast sometimes. :-|

subtlescribbler said...

ur post failed to surprise me though but it was creatively done's desires and achievements on a timeline :P
and yes, men will always be leaders but then if u look at the other side its because of men only that women fail to lead. nehow, all the best 2 u :)

D2 said...

@subtlescribbler : There is always room for improvement!
Yes, women fail to lead because of men in most regards, be it by fair means or not. However, I only highlighted the achievements of men to further show that that is what they aspire.
Thank you for your wishes. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say. Men aren't that complicated. They talk straight and talk their mind. That's just it. That is how they are wired :)

D2 said...

@Spunkysaturnine : Absolutely. Isn't that good? :D

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hi D2!

The first half, hmm well, men were the born leaders, no don't agree with that. It's debatable.

But liked ur way of expression. Yes, men are simpler to understand than women. The things u said that men want tells a lot about you as a person. Do read my take on it and let me know what you think about how much I understand about it!

tc and atb


D2 said...

@Restless : Intellectually, yes, it is a debatable topic. However, Through centuries of reinforcement and a tad bit of oppression, men have let the society to this date. There are very few female leaders in areas that matter. Sometimes, it's because of the way women think, in general.

Thank you. I'll certainly read your post.

Anonymous said...

i do believe in what you said. every great step taken in mankind is initiated by men. we want our fathers to be heroes and mothers to be caring and loving. this makes women more childlike. they always care for children and that is what stops them from stepping into great risks which men take. unfortunately the motherly image of woman is spoiled by films and media. today women are confused and start questioning their role in society. nowadays women are tending to act more like men and are trying to challenge them in every field possible. they are trying to gain respect but in the process children are affected. " If women challenge men they are challenging nature itself." i am not biased but this maybe key to evolution.

D2 said...

@Anonymous : Mothers are naturally supposed to be the ones to look after the children. That's true, if we look at history ever since dinosaurs first walked this planet. However, they do have the right to take their place alongside men as and when they can. But then it becomes a man's responsibility to do his bit to look after her and the child's needs as well. There should certainly always be balance. Perhaps it isn't at the moment. Maybe we'll get there sometime.

Funny Gypsy said...

Interesting post...If this simple secret is true, thank you for letting us in on the secret. But shouldn't every man be different in what they want? What if some prefer that the woman be responsible and lead the way?

D2 said...

@Funny Gypsy : Every man is different in what they want if you break their interests down. But fundamentally, every man's ancestral roots will take him to the point in his brain where he knows that he is a hunter. Now, whatever that may mean for various men of different intellectual levels and interests, the reason will be this. So if he wanted the woman to lead the way, it would be for a motive that he may or may not fully understand.
But of course, there can be those who are just plain stupid as well!

ThePriselive said...

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David said...

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