Thursday, March 29, 2012

Over and Out

This blog is now two years and twenty days old. It’s name has been changed once. It has seen love. It has seen anger. It has seen imagination. It has seen blood and now it may be time for it to go up in smoke.

D2 thanks all the readers of this blog who have engaged with him and inspired him to write and try harder to write better. He has lived a great deal of his life here. Unfortunately, it may be possible that he may not have the courage to write any more. Not here anyway.

It’s been an amazing time.

 ~ Damien


Aishwarya said...

ohk...m I really sleepy or m I reading that the blog might be ending??...either ways...m confused!

Antara said...

tell me this is some April Fool's joke done a tad bit early. Please.

Miss D said...

This doesn't deserve a comment but to let you know that this isn't true, I will post this anyway.

Miss D said...

To everybody out here, I ll bring him back before you know it.
He's coming back with a bang!

nil said...

This would be a pity, your blog was on my priority blogroll man. Sincerely hope you get back.
Luck to you :)

Aishwarya said...

yeah, enchanta...fulfill the promise!!

@d2...donno if i have a right to ask...but....why giving up this blog?? ..wont it be unfair with your readers!!! ..think about that!

aayanman said...

If life is a cycle you are sure to meet your past in the future...

till then...

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