Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wisdom For Power

The veil of obscurity is the best way to know one's innermost desires. Wearing a mask may not always be the best way to go about life, but the most devious way to decipher erstwhile hidden talents. The art of juggling between the real and the visceral and the phenomenal can be understood only without inclination. A bias to any one order destroys the balance needed to become powerful. That equilibrium is of utmost importance in the race up the steep slopes of mastery.

Neither east I move nor to the west.
To the south there is a blockade.
To the way of the north, I must not succumb.
Only at the center, must I stand firm, unswayed.

There lies serenity without perversion.
There lies peace without disorder.
Must dissuade all pedantic notions of wisdom.
For that is not knowledge, formless without colour.

I must face all the elements altogether.
Let hopelessness not creep inward.
The vortex of the storm is the core of sapience.
The eye of the needle, hard to penetrate, harder to keep anchored

I only know what I need, not what I would face.
So I must hence wear the mask of sagacity.
To know which way to step forward in the darkness.
And to see what it is that I crave for with a maddening appetite.

And then, when I have the knowledge to beat all.
And have the insight without strings, unshaded.
The dominion of all the lost souls shall be then within me.
And the power to destroy and that to revive, not lost, pervaded.


Cherry Blossom said...

What a wonderful piece of poetry, so beautiful choice of words and so true to life. Its an awesome presentation and the picture is also perfect.

D2 said...

Thank you so much, Cherry Blossom.
And congratulations on the BlogJunta Editors Choice Award.

Sayak Shome said...

Wisdom I keep aside, decisions I shred;
Of Going new places I am not afraid.
But with immaculate balance I hold my place,
Omniscience is a timeless pursuit, not a race.

With every stroke of spade on the face of earth you dig up gold. Every poem of yours is enchanting. :)

D2 said...

Thanks for your words, Sayak. :)

Nikesh Rathi said...

Good one!

Liked the choice of words!

D2 said...

Thanks, Nik.

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