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As Preeti Shenoy has written, Life Is What You Make It. This is my own story of love and its stages for Blogadda's Stages of Love.

It is one of the four winning entries, as judged by Preeti Shenoy herself. The winning posts are mentioned here.

I cannot say where the story really began. It could be when I found her Facebook profile. It could be when I decided to follow her blog. It could even be when we were born. If you believe in serendipity, then this is a story that you might actually connect with. It is true. It happened to me.

My previous relationship was much longer than it should have been. It was too rocky and hurtful to have lasted that long and it affected me forever. But as it happens, everything changed because of it. I was with a neurotic control freak of a girl and hated my life. My only outlet, during the time I was with her and later, was writing. One day, fresh out of my break up, in March 2010, when this blog was not even a month old, one of my objectives was getting it more publicity. I wanted to be known as a writer. I'd gotten appreciation for my poetry and I certainly wanted more readers. I bumped into the Facebook profile of a girl in the friend list of a friend of my own (don't remember who that was) and what interested me was not her looks (even though she was incredibly pretty), but the fact that she was a fellow blogger as well. I followed the link and landed upon a little posted upon blog. It was as old as 2009 but had barely five posts. Nevertheless, I read all of them and loved what she had to express. My respect grew for the poet in her. I felt that I could connect with her. I followed her blog but did not comment as I thought it was abandoned by the wonderful writer that she was.

Months later, in October last year, I'd started using Google Reader to get updates of the recent posts of the blogs that I follow. It so happened that I got several updates from a blog that I remembered had spiked my curiosity months ago. It was the same one, then titled Breaking Dawn (now known as Metamorphosis). I remembered the name. I read the posts and was left astounded once again. She was a marvellous writer. I felt that I'd been in the same phase as she must have been facing in that period and I could understand what she wrote about. I decided to comment. Now, even then, all I was looking for was a reader (though I had a lot more by then than in March). Anyhow, a poem of hers caught my eye. It was very similar to one of my own. I decided to leave a link myself. I wondered if she would contact me.

October 9th, 2010. I got a friend request on Facebook. She'd found my profile link from my blog. I accepted. And then ensued the most enchanting first conversation I've ever had with any person alive. Until the wee hours of the morning did we chat. She studied in the same campus as did I. She was to go home that very morning.

The chatting continued and increased in frequency when she was at home. We were always on the same wavelength. I'd never known a person who could understand me completely. But she could. It seemed downright easy for her. I was getting more and more mesmerized every moment. One morning she called me. I'd never heard something as beautiful as that voice. It was far better than any music I've heard. The chiming laughter and the cute melodious way she spoke stayed with me. We met less than a fortnight later.

I could never completely express what I felt for her; not even to myself. I could only write about it. I could only let my partially stifled emotions out through verses which I didn't know would entice her. And she did the same. Since October last year, I have written many poems for her. With 'The Fall', I finally realized that what I felt for her was not love, but something far beyond. I used to believe in destiny earlier. That thought had been rubbished and thrown like sand into my eyes after my previous relationship. But this was beyond the understanding of my own.

There have been times which were difficult. I would not deny that. She was not over her previous boyfriend and I had to deal with matters I did not know how to. But we sailed through them all. Throughout the last four months, I have never felt as though this were a mistake.

We have now been in a relationship for a little more than a mere four months but I could easily say that I have never known a person so profound that every thought has depth. I've never been in a relationship so wondrous that I would not for a moment doubt that we were meant to be. Her love and everything she has done for me and written for me is a gift. 'The Gift' speaks all about it. If I could truly express what this relationship means to me, and what she means to me, I'd be a gifted writer! But with what tools of words I have, I can only say that she is the only one who left a magical imprint upon my very soul and made me believe that anything is possible. My alias, D2, which was given to me by my friends years before I even knew she existed, are also her initials. Not only that, but there's just so much inexplicably tying us together, that I can't write about it all here. I would have thought it all mere coincidence, but if anyone knew or felt what I have, they would believe otherwise. It was certainly meant to be. Serendipity is the word the dictionary gave to me. I might only say that a wizard's work is at play. Something much more powerful than love, yet following emotions on the same line, is what she and I now share. Life could not have been more wonderful. And as I have written in a poem once,

“Eternity may shed his cloak, exasperated as he gets old and feeble.
But I shall continue loving you, for this love is a gift I shall always cherish.”

This is dedicated to my dear Enchanta. I love you now and always shall.

PS. Enchanta's version of the story is 'The Very Story'. Reading mine alone would not be enough.


Miss D said...





I hope this stupid world had something more profound than "I love you".... cause what I am feeling right now, being inside me, is HURTING.

...and If I am to be reborn again... I will make sure I find my way back to you, in your arms, in this incredulously miraculous bliss that you and I have found.

This broke my heart, but this time, with profound, insane happiness.

Richa said...

This is THE singularly most beautiful and touching thing I've read from anyone whose book I haven't bought. <3
Incredible, wonderful piece, it was a delight till the very end.
And I'm SO happy for you guys, I hope, right now, more than anything, for you guys to stay together forever, as happily as you are now. :)
Take care, the two of you, and keep writing!
Again, great work, D2. And Enchanta, for having been the reason for this. :)

Khushboo R. Gandhi said...

aww tht ws really strong n smilingly kewttt :D. Amazin path of "luv" u found der n i wish both of u a very happy luck :D.

G said...

that left me speechless.
makes me wonder if such love that we always hear or read about could actually exist for real ?
and makes me want to experience it myself. so bad.
cheers to you both :)

Miss D said...

...and my version of the same magical story
here :-)

D2 said...

@Enchanta : I hope I can break your heart like this on and on again. But I won't do it too often! :P
And if we are to be born again, rest assured, we will certainly find each other. It will hardly be a problem for us.

D2 said...

@Richa : Thanks, dear. That means a lot. She's the reason I can write anything romantic in the first place. She is my inspiration. Thanks again. :-)

@G : It does exist. I wouldn't have known myself if I hadn't found her. Thanks a lot. :-)
And all the best to you and another friend of mine. ;)

D2 said...

@Devilzangel : Thank you so much. Means a lot to us. :)

@Everyone : Enchanta's version is hypnotic. Do read it. :)

Sonshu said...

AAWWWWWWWW!! :) this is so cute and beautiful!!! :)))) cho amazingly sweet, honestly.

Wishing you'll all the luck to remain together forever :)

Samadrita said...

Wow this certainly sounds like a fairytale. Read Enchanta's version too.
May God bestow both of you with the very best of everything! :))
And best of luck for the contest!

Aayushi Mehta said...

This was beautiful :)
Wishing you a forever of love.

Gaurav Arora said...

I love the way you people write and this story just makes one believe what writing can lead you to.
I am really happy for you both. You look awesome together. I wish you long life together.
I started my blog an year back. A friend knew I used to write alone in the darkest places of the universe, unheard uncared, unsolicited. He wanted me to make things public I respected him and I didn't deny his request.
I put it up, a lot of people responded and encouraged me. I wrote a lot of romantic poetry. My friends and colleagues still find a advisor in me when it comes to broken bonds but honestly speaking I could never connect to anyone. I really don't know what love is. How it feels to be bond, and possessed in someone's heart.
I gave up expecting anything from life, probably love was never for me. I guess that's my way to live .

I wish you good luck, wish you enjoy all the things I don't know!!
It is amazing reading you :)
and ya plz remove word verification, you don't get any spam comments anyway!

D2 said...

@Sonshu : Thanks a lot for your wishes. :)

@Sammy : I know I'm bestowed with her! That's good enough for now. :D
Thanks a lot, Sammy.

@Aayushi : Thank you so much for your wishes. :)

D2 said...

@GvSparx : Writing is what brought us together. It would go a long way in keeping us together. I can't write romantic poetry unless I have someone or something in my life to write it about. She's my inspiration. I've been in love before but I can say with complete conviction that it was nothing like this. Not even close.
Thanks a lot for your wishes, buddy. :)

Gaurav Arora said...

"I have someone or something in my life to write it about."
hmm.. good for you...
I have no inspiration but anyway, my pen doesn't keep silent!!
Its great to know about your story..!!
Good luck
have a nice life :)

D2 said...

@gvSparx : I'm not a romance writer otherwise is what I mean.
Anyway, thanks a lot. :)
Hope you have a nice life as well. :)

Prateek Bagri said...

Indeed a fairytale. I love the narration. While reading I almost replaced You to Me. :P Kidding
All the very best to you both for life and contest. :)

D2 said...

@Prateek : Thanks a lot indeed. :D

Purba said...

I have been a voyeur to this sweet tale of romance that finds expression through your poetry.

I was privy to your enchantment, bafflement and finally acceptance...

And every time my fingers hover uncertainly over my keypad - what do I say to this young, sweet couple who feel so deeply.

I wish you both happiness, lots and lots of it.

D2 said...

@Purba Di : Thank you so much, Di. It's been a pleasure telling you and all my other readers about this story of my life. I hope you remain a part of it as you have yet.
Thank you so very much. :)

rohit Iyer said...

Lovely post, D2. wishing you and Enchanta, the best of everything in life :)


D2 said...

@Rohit : Thanks a lot, buddy. And all the very best to you as well. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Brother, you've loved a poet, and known a persona, hold on to it, forever... times get rough, and the vanity disappears, looks don't matter, and it won't matter if She bore a heart of gold. Just don't let it down, the 4 letter word, when all the veils and royalties and novelties are gone, don't let go, you make a beautiful couple, BEAUTIFUL indeed. :)

D2 said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete : I have known true bliss, my friend. I have known the joys of being completely free with someone who not only bears a heart of gold, but also allows me to hold her in the highest esteem without having to think why. I have known what it is to be like loving someone unconditionally and being loved the same way back. It is not something I can ever describe fully in words or verses. The feeling always remains inside.
Thank you so much. This is something I cannot imagine of ever letting go.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog all because of Dimi di. I came across your blog's link on your facebook profile (through Dimi di's profile...i know...long story :P) and being a blog-a-holic, I couldn't resist reading your blog of course. I just have this AWFUL habit of not commenting which I am trying my best to overcome.
Anyways, what I want to say is that I love what you write and how you write. :)
About this story, it is beautiful! But then you have a beautiful story that you are living as reality.

ps - I kind of liked 'Mixed Up' a little better although this is wonderful in its own way :)


D2 said...

@Antara : Welcome to this space. It's even better that it was Dimi because of whom you were intrigued to visit! :D
I'm glad you like my writing. This real story is the beginning of the rest of my life.

ps : Do comment on 'Mixed Up' as well if you liked it. Keep visiting. :)

Sharad K said...

Now when I have read this post..I have become an appreciator of your writing style..!..Deserved to win..and so have!:)..All the best man to you and your love!:)

agnivabanerjee said...

Jio pagla :D
sikdum,way to go man..and congo
i cant do emotions well,otherwise i could've said something more delicate,but seriously,dil chhuye felechis amar

D2 said...

@Sharad : Thanks a lot, buddy. Congratulations to you too. :)

@Agniva : Tor dil chhuye felechi aar kichu dorkar nei re amar, pagla. :P
Thanks a lot, buddy. :)

Rajlakshmi said...

Ohh Myy :) serendipity is real :D
my heartiest wishes to both of you :) and congratz on the win. well deserved

D2 said...

@Rajlakshmi : Thank you so very much. :)
And yes, I would not have known the reality of it had I not met her. :D

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I happened to have missed this one out. Sorry for the delayed comment lil brother. But it's neva too late. :P

This one was just toooooo cute. God bless you both. :)

Now lemme read her version too. ;)

D2 said...

@Bedlam : Comment whenever you can, Di. :)
Thanks a lot for visiting, of course. :)
And thanks a lot for your wishes. :)

Defiant Princess said...

just finished reading the post, isnt it so amazing! Being in love with someone who is so much like you!
I wish to fall in love with a blogger too someday :)
I follow Enchanta's blog and happened to read yours today, through IndiBlogger.. I'm a fan of her poetry and yours is just as amazing!

God Bless you both <3

D2 said...

@Defiant Princess : Thank you so very much. :)
Loving anyone else could never have given me the pleasure and satisfaction that loving Enchanta does. It's not just because she's a blogger, of course, but because of who she is.

Do keep visiting my space as well as hers. :)
Thank you so much. :-)

N.S.Kirti said...

wow wow wow!!!! i am AMAZED after reading this :) :) such a beautiful, honest story!! i love the way you state your feelings so direct and truthfully :) i have NO idea about love and its stories but this really touched me :)
i am really glad Antara told me to read your and enchanta's blog. its wonderful to absorb an atmosphere of so much love and talented writing :)

D2 said...

@Kirti : Thank you so much. :)
Since it's my own story, it wasn't hard to be as honest as I wanted to. The truth is beautiful. Why hide it?
I'm glad it touched you. It touches me every day. :)
And as for talented writing, you're no less. I'm glad a writer such as yourself reads my work. :)
Thank you so much. :)

Unknown said...

<3 am speechless.. (:

D2 said...

@lazee bumm : I can only smile. :-)

PS. I like your alias! :P

Miss D said...

You know sometimes when you and I have conflicts, reading this at those times is like letting a coconut fall from a tree right on to your head, waking you up with a start. :-D

You are soooo wonderful, my demon dodla. :P
I am so lucky to have you. :*

D2 said...

@Enchanta : Well, considering you're a coconut yourself, a little something heavy on the head wouldn't be too bad huh? ;) :P
And it's Damien. Damien Dedalus. :-|
And I'm the lucky one, Enchantress. :)

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