Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Life We Can't Live

The hammer comes down upon the nail.
It brings with it great turmoil like never before.
The nail now bends, unable to take it in any longer.
It breaks apart in two, the force on it much too strong to ignore.

The fire engulfs him, as he remains seated, unaware.
His blackened sooty body found later, in the ruins.
There were millions to cry for him, but none to shed tears.
He was only unlucky, because none recognized his tarnished face.

The water surrounds me, I stand meek and sullen.
I don't know where to run, please save me, someone.
None will come, because none can; it is too late.
Death is inevitable, sooner or later, it arrives, grim and forlorn.

But let this not be the end to my life.
Let this not show my misfortunes that I bear.
Let it be known that I could have done more; so much more.
And I am only gone today because tragedy struck me too soon.
May the phoenix be born from the ashes, golden and scarlet.
I hope my vision for the life we cannot live be known.
That few, if not all, live it until they be gone and dead.

PS. This poem is dedicated to all the people of Japan during these troubled times and all others who have ever had to suffer similar tragedies.


Miss D said...

I have never read a better ode to tragic death and hundreds of lives that had probably woven thousands of dreams.
Washed away with their ashes are those wishes, thousands and unfulfilled.
May the souls rest in peace and in some or the other way have another chance to enliven those many wishes that sunk beneath the waters.

Anonymous said...

from the watery depths rose the mighty water horse

Japan is strong. She'll rise. She has faced a lot. We have a lot to learn from her.

Beautiful poem like always :)

D2 said...

@Enchanta : May some others bless their lives with their own deeds, so nothing goes amiss altogether.

@Antara : It's not just about Japan. It's about the people of any place; indomitable yet fragile.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Disaster struck and that too back to back. In moments, the whole scene might have changed... not just scene, but many lives with it.


Red Handed said...

Beautifully written and crafted perfectly!

i wish i cud word it out like you did.

But about Japan, the biggest catastrophe as it was, one thing should not be missed out. A salute should be given to the Government for their strenuous efforts and also to the good infrastructure and building designs. Had it been our country, an entire state wud have been washed out.

btw new in here. wud love you comments and if good enuff followup sir!

D2 said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete : You're right. And it's sad that these calamities just keep happening.

@Red Handed : Thank you. Yes, it is true that Japan's government has definitely played an enormous role in the bringing back of their position. I would not like to comment on what our government would have done; maybe on some other post that I might write someday.

Aayushi Mehta said...

Great writing here.

D2 said...

@Aayushi : Thanks a lot. :)

Sayak Shome said...

Let my existence,
Not be tarnished,
Or obliterated -
By the wrath,
Of the tempest!

D2 said...

@Sayak :
It spares none.
It cares for none.
It devours all that come in its way.
It ends all that stand in its path.

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