Friday, May 27, 2011


Painting by Adon Elmir

Do I really have something within me?
Is there any mettle that means anything?
Or have I gone about life with luck all along?
Good fortune, or ill, was that my life's way?

I may never know; the answers are never clear.
Laid out in front of me in an unsolvable mess,
Nothing can be made certain of my prowess.
For all I can see is that I've been given well all the way.

The decisions were based simply on a basis
Of the first rush runner, as the story makes it seem.
I got there first, and therefore, I got the gold.
I would just never know who truly deserved it.

I wish it were me but I never knew.
But I think I know now.
Somehow, I can never be certain it was my success.
But someone else's failure that made me climb pinnacles.


Miss D said...

Its amazing how you do this again and again; how you portray tortuous feelings so descriptively and make the reader feel the emotion surging through the veins.

Otherwise speaking, just to correct you, you did not reach there first.
You were merely loved first.

Ausdrucklos said...

The wind was strong and mighty
but you climbed ruthless voids and highs
the ancient scrolls tell me
you were the only one
who could ever reach there
one single man who was ever there.

D2 said...

@Enchanta : Thank you. :)

And your correction is exactly what I meant by what I wrote. Of course, delving into your words, I can unearth an amazing number of meanings, but that's not for this space. :)

D2 said...

@Ausdrucklos :

And yet the winds, though strong
Were in my favour all along.
I did not but know it then
The scrolls had hidden words in them.
I was the only man who got to the summit.
But not the only one who tried.
Certainly one of few who came close.

Rachit said...

I always like such musings. They have the power to mold characters and infuse tranquility. Nice blog & lovely reading :)

D2 said...

@Rachit : Thanks a lot, buddy. I see that these musings always help me retrospect whenever the need arises!
I'm glad you liked my blog. Do keep visiting. :)

vixie said...

your poetry is simply amazing..and even your girl's..:)
keep up the good work both of you..:)
and the love that you guys portray is heart melting..:)
all the luck for the future..
to you and your girl..:)

D2 said...

@meoww : Thanks a lot, meoww! :D
The love that we portray is all too real!
We'll keep writing about it. Do keep visiting. :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

beautifully crafted and creatively entwined all your feelings with words !!

D2 said...

@Jyoti : Thanks a lot. :)

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