Thursday, December 8, 2011

Don't Make Us Speak Louder, Sibal

This post is dedicated to free speech on the World Wide Web (WWW) and to protect and conform with the basic philosophy of the Web itself when created by Tim Berners Lee.

It is beyond my limits of tolerance to see a mad horse going by the name of Kapil Sibal to decree censorship over data flow by the social networking companies. It is even more apalling to note that a person who sees and tolerates parliamentary hooliganism cannot tolerate some random doctored images of his wretched party leader. What is he, a knight in shining armour who darling Sonia called to protect herself with his gentlemanly chivlary. Now the dear white knight wants to screen data that is hurtful to religious and political sentiments? I say to Sibal, hoping that he reads this,

"Crass move, ASSHOLE. You have no right to decree what is on the internet UNLESS IT IS ILLEGAL, considering the laws of the land. If anyone violates the policies of the companies, it's their job and the users'. Let everybody do their jobs. You do your own. So, FUCK you and all your statements of this nature. May Sonia Gandhi help you avoid the flak you now face from the online community."

I wish Indian politicians would stop with the boot-licking and finger-pointing which is, frankly, all that they can do right now. Kapil Sibal going crazy with the Internet, and Mayawati going back to the same policy that won her the elections in 2007, not to mention that she has sprung up a number of debatable issues in the excellent state of Uttar Pradesh just to keep her corruption charges at bay.
Suave move, upholder of the Dalits. But then, when did she learn to help the people. She just came to erect statues.

Coming back to the point, just as a special mention to dear donkey Kapil Sibal - stop the bigotry and learn to accept facts. Nobody knew Sonia Gandhi had lewd content on the internet until you told us so. Your bad. If you want some good done to this beautiful country, stop jumping on your chair and pulling your hair loose because Google did not conform with all your requests and start doing some real work. And don't tell us you're being any more sane than what the leaders in Pakistan did, since you love comparing (read: finger-pointing) so much. Just shut the hell up. It's our turn to speak and we don't quit too easy.


Miss D said...

OMG! That was some "politically incorrect" frustration vented out.

But I do agree with you. Since we have been granted the freedom of expression in our fundamental rights, let the Government not snatch away that one thing that we hold dear and call our own.

As for Kapil Sibal, we can have a laugh. He sure wouldn't want to mess with the masses unless he's ready to become carcass.

D2 said...

@Enchanta : When did I care about being politically correct? Every man should have the right to free speech but unfortunately, our governments decide whether we're given such rights. Ours is a democracy. Sibal does not have the right to take away our words or even make an attempt to do so.

Purba said...

If the Government wants to protect us from offensive content, they should consider banning the Live telecast of Lok Sabha proceedings.

D2 said...

@Purba Di : haha Absolutely. However, I loved what Sushma Swaraj said to Pranab Mukherjee regarding the inflation during one of the Parliamentary sessions. That old geeser was flabbergasted. haha

Khoty Mathur said...

He is, all politicians are, scared that ordinary people are able to, and have started to, talk to one another and debunk all their cr*p

D2 said...

@KayEm : They should be. But they still don't learn. They hold their crappy views even though they know how futile it would all be.

Shilpi said...
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Shilpi said...

Haha... I totally loved your this post! I too hope if Sibal can read this! ;)

D2 said...

@Sanjana : That and I hope he calls me up or something. I might explode quite calmly on his face if he tells me he'll ban my blog.
And thank you for the appreciation. :D

Mani Lalwani said...

If you think of it Kapil Sibal (LLM, Harvard) can't be an idiot. He's either funded by the BJP (to ruin Congress' reputation), or the US government (to ruin Indian education). Or maybe by Mrs Gandhi to take everyone's attention away from her son. :D

D2 said...

@Mani : I think I'll go with the third option; it seems more feasible. Also, the US government is opening up its coffers to a lot of people. I doubt Kapil Sibal would be one of them, considering the economic condition the USA is purportedly falling into. Sonia Gandhi could do anything, though. haha

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