Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Only Pictures To Remember

The first time I was offered a cell phone was when I was at school. I didn't want one. If I did accept one my parents would be able to call me whenever they wanted and I would lose a little of my freedom. Those are but lost days.

After a few years, I began studying in a university for higher education in a different city. My parents and I lived thousands of miles apart. This time, the only reason I accepted a cell phone was so that I would be able to talk to my girlfriend who lived in the city I had just left. I was given a new smart phone. I wasn't too excited at the time about it apart from the frequent top-ups which I would use up almost as frequently.

Time went by and I made a lot of new friends. We got very close. It had been months since I had broken up with that girlfriend. I didn't have any memories of her to watch before my eyes. I had no pictures. I had no videos. I had nothing to remember her by. But that was alright. I didn't care much.
My friends kept me occupied. We went out every night and always had a great time. We took a lot of pictures, not for memories, rather to remember what we did the last night and where we went. That's because we ended up taking something or the other, injecting something and forgot everything the next day. I was an addict like some others. Life seemed good.

It's been many years now. I've been clean. I'm working in a major multinational and quite happy with life. But I miss my friends from college. And I miss Roy. He was funny and always ready for an adventure. He always knew exactly what to say and what not to. He was the glue that kept our little rag-tag group together.

Roy had died of drug overdose one eventful night when we were all high on cocaine. We were all charged with felony for possession and use of drugs but my dear friend lost his life. I will always remember him, if only by one of the few pictures that I have of him, taken through my phone. I shall always cherish the good memories, when we took those pictures and weren't high. I wish Roy was hear to say something witty right now. But all I have are pictures.
Rest in peace, my friend.

PS. This is a piece of fiction and bears no relation with the picture above or the people in it. It has been written in view for the Share Life contest, sponsored by Tata Indicom. Please vote for me on Indiblogger if you like what you read.


Aayushi Mehta said...

You write good fiction. Keep 'em coming.

D2 said...

Thanks, Aayushi. I sure will. :)

Cherry Blossom said...

Very emotional, tel me, how do I vote for you in indiblogger? I sure wish to do so.

D2 said...

@Cherry Blossom : :)
You have to create an account unless you already have at Indiblogger and then vote for me at the link in my post.
I'm glad you liked this. :)

Lolland said...

Love the story. I had only one complaint, though, it was too short (though it was perfect for its length). Keep 'em coming,

Do read my post below, and vote for it if you like :)
Lolland - Too Smart to be True

D2 said...

Glad you liked it, Lolland. :)
Yeah, I'll try to keep the next one longer, if it suits the story! :D

Ghumakkar Punit said...

Liked the fiction, jus the same complaint that Lolland had...it was too short..but yes I felt some truth in it! Good work....

Do visit my post...a comment would be a great reward! :)

D2 said...

Thanks, Punit. Yeah, I'll surely keep my next one longer! :D

Purba said...

Not one of your best.

D2 said...

Yes, I know. I don't think the two topics merged well enough and it was too short as well. I could have certainly done better. :|

pawan said...

The grainy picture and the equally coarse story has mingled to give a unique result altogether.
Way to go man! :)

D2 said...

Thanks, Pawan. :)

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