Thursday, January 6, 2011

Murphy's Law

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures; and when one resorts to such desperation, everything suddenly starts going haywire. It's as if everyone has conspired to work against you and the whole net just keeps getting tighter until you're drawn into a sense of hopelessness and only left with the little luck that you can't hope for then.

I need some forms signed. I have very little time on my hands. And what happens is a series of unfortunate events. A flat tire. A bad axle. The mechanism needs to be taken apart and carefully seen and put back without modifying them in the slightest. Can't drive too fast because the road is blocked by a lorry in front of which is a bus in front of which is another bus. I have very little time left. Then of course comes the usual spree of running around in the campus looking for the right signatures. A lady in the bank denies doing a transaction because she is just too damn busy. She directs me to another officious man. He directs me back to her. My patience is now running thin. I have begun cursing all of these evil-doers. May the government go to hell for all I care! Everybody is simply senile. Then ensues an argument with the same lady who directed me back to the same man to whom I did not now go.
Then luck happens for a while. There do exist nice people who would go out of their way to see the job done for someone else in distress and with a rather enraged purple-red face. Of course, it doesn't end there. There's so much more work because I study in a government institution. A man at the counter won't take my ID for my mark sheet because he is busy talking to other men all huddled up at the next counter. After what seemed like an hour of his deafened yapping, he starts opening a toffee. And if I have seen little children with clumsy fingers yank the wrapping off in freezing cold faster, I would not be lying. A simple matter of seconds can be warped down to the speed of a snail crawling across a meter long space. A lot of swearing ensues which is of course, not heard by the slug-like man but by everyone else in the vicinity. And then paperwork. Unnecessary paperwork that only government institutes find necessary because elsewhere, computers have taken over. Shoddy work is being done by fat people sitting at desks collecting fat paychecks.

Everything does work out in the end, though. But it can't be done without a terribly distressing experience of Murphy's Law. There will always be an obstacle even when things seem to start going well. There will always be another problem waiting around the corner. And nothing, absolutely nothing ever has a straightforward solution. And this is only a small part of the horrendously intricate and puzzling impediments this law throws us into.


Meher said...

Murphy is God. that bastard makes more sense than anybody else, trust me.

Richa said...

You wrote this so well, I'm torn between amusement and sympathy. Anyway, you're over the ordeal, so I can go with some amusement, can't I?

Vee said...

haha, Murphy rocks! wonderfully written :D

D2 said...

@Meher : Absolutely! The picture says it all. He'd thought of all the possibilities. A true genius, if not God!

@Richa : Certainly! Now I think about it, it sure was pretty damn funny. :D

@Vee : Thanks a lot. Murphy thought of everything to screw with our heads. :D

Khushboo R. Gandhi said...

hahaa tht ws quite an event...!!! lol :P

D2 said...

@Devilzangel : I know. I was on the edge of getting hysterical. :-|

Miss D said...

But then there's God,
not hope,
but belief... and you now know exactly why I say that !! :-D

...and damn, all those misdoings or whatever made for such a nice blogpost !! ;-)

D2 said...

@Enchanta : Yeah yeah I do. :-D
It's very true that the weirdest incidences make for some of the best stories. :P

Anonymous said...

Murphy's stolen this from somewhere and put it in a slightly different way. That's all,I guess

D2 said...

@Lioness : Murphy just decided to write about them instead of complaining like everyone else!

Anonymous said...

ah, yeah ...theories
Murfy Turfy

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