Monday, January 31, 2011

A Stroke Of Luck

Impressionist Painting by Carola Richards

As sickeningly disturbing thoughts trouble me.
Through the night, unshakeable, too strong.
The chaotic vividness vexes my thoughts long and hard.
No patience left to try and sleep anymore.

As I think of the tree that grew before I did.
And the lonely man who brought his axe upon it.
Providence showed him the way to that trunk.
That could not be found in the blinding light of day.

For only after it was taken down did I rise from its boughs.
Only after it fell could I grow and prove my mettle.
It was merely by chance that I stand here bearing fruit.
It is simply a matter of luck that my roots even exist, let alone be settled.

And as those thoughts drive my mind away from the pangs
Of unendurable torture of painful sleeplessness.
I shake away the covers that I'd drawn near to protect myself
From the frigid air inside me, incomplete in its stillness.

I sit with my back straight and my mind bent.
Bent to no will, but merely to perturbing sentiments.
What if the man with axe never came.
What if I never existed; never grew once again.

Would the images remain as they do now.
Unknowingly graphic in their clarity as I see them.
Or would I be lost in the myriad open spaces of the wilderness.
Searching for a way to arise, set my roots, find my space.

I merely got lucky as I did and believe I still am and hope to remain.
Luck is what happened to me when I could wait no longer.
Luck is what happened when my will was bent and broken.
I must not ever give up that stroke of chance now, and forever more.


Miss D said...

You are an incredulously gifted writer and an equally stupid person.
You undermine yourself so much, that you need to borrow my eyes for once.

D2 said...

Thank you and thank you. :D
And I can't. But you know that already. :-|

D2 said...

@Enchatna : And it's nice to have been called stupid on this space, for a change, especially by you. :D

Miss D said...

And I am not "Enchatna" !

D2 said...

That just shows more stupidity tonight, my dear Enchanta. :-D

Purba said...

Err I think I'm intruding.
Btw where do you get the links for these breathtakingly beautiful paintings?

Sayak Shome said...

Had fate not been coaxed,
Had luck been axed,
Existence would have been denied,
The rounds of thoughts would not have been fired.
Oh wait, they would not have been born!

D2 said...

@Purba Di : This is a blog! You're not intruding! I use Google to find the paintings. The right keywords and a little patience and voila, I have them! :D

D2 said...

@Sayak :
It matters no more what instigated who.
Whether it was fate or luck
That intervened this life.
The thoughts burned.
Existence happened.
And that is all that matters now.

Miss D said...

@ D2 : "Like" your comment just above this. :-)

D2 said...

@Enchanta : :-)

Sonshu said...

You write so well you leave me speechless. I'm like what can I say? it wont even be enough. I went over this like thrice. It was that appealing! And awesomely written.

D2 said...

@Sonshu : Thank you so much. :)

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