Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Creators

Knives move.
And the blades of desire form.
Not by gormless minds.
But minds of desire.

Chiselled beauty.
Taking shape.
In the hands of carpenters.
Of music and muscle.
The power of the mind.

The sawdust falls to the floor.
The grime off the hands.
Nothing remains of wood.
But beauty.

Creation divine.
As the Gods work on endlessly.
To dull the fables of theory.
Into reality.
Into shape.
Crafted to perfection.

The music blends in with the blood.
And the sweat flows in channels together.
Exultation in might.
As metal is created.
A ball of fire held.
Not in illusion.
But in totality.

We the creators.
With our blood and minds to toil.
In temptation of enormous elation.
We bleed to produce.
The pious reality life.
We create life.
We the creators.


Miss D said...

I have been reading The Secret and what I have derived from the basic philosophy is that "our thoughts become things".

Every single decisive idea born in our mind materializes with a speed proportional to the amount of blind faith we put into it.

If we think something can be given a shape, a way, a life; the beginning to this thought is in fact one single thought devoid of fear of loss.

And that to me is how we create and recreate.

This mirrors my thoughts in my way. It probably is how I see, not what you show.
But what you have shown is enlightening in what you meant.

D2 said...

@Enchanta : I do not believe in blind faith. I only believe that one must have faith in one's code of honour and values that should be upheld strictly.
If that can be done; if a person can be morally pure and untarnished, there may be no end to the purity of creation and to creation itself.
Then there may be no fear or loss. Even in defeat, there would only be gain and acceptance of the truth. That is pure.

Miss D said...

In my opinion, blind faith is the very faith in one's code of honour and values. It is simply being aware of the power one holds.
It probably is the same thing we are talking of, in two different languages, as is always the case. :)

A beggar cannot simply believe in blind faith and think of buying a car immediately unless he has faith in himself to get to the top in his own ways and consequently think of buying a car. But yes, such characteristics are rare because of obvious practical reasons.

But the world has always been an oyster of belief/faith, whatever you may choose to call it. The Great have altered our universe in whatever little ways they have because they believed they could, because even in their initial defeats they chose to utter "There has to be another way to do it", not "This can't be done at all".

D2 said...

@Enchanta : Well said indeed. :)

Yes, that is exactly how the world not only changes, but moves. The world moves because some men dare to challenge themselves to uphold what they believe is right.
Very well said, Enchanta. :)

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Very nice writing. I enjoyed the poem and your other comments, too.

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

great point made.
bless you.

Thanks for sharing.

D2 said...

@Marbles : Thank you. :)

@Morning : Thanks a lot. :)

Anand said...

A nice poem... kudos to the new look of the blog and the new journey...

Anonymous said...

Creation, in its pure sense, is something so powerful...although one may not understand it in totality.

Loved this poem a lot :)

D2 said...

@Anand : Thank you so much. :)

@Antara : The consciousness of creation is what makes us human. Thanks, Antara. :)

A grain of sand said...

powerpack! yet beautiful...the two traits are in perfect harmony,any aberration here wouldve spoiled the whole poem!
good work

D2 said...

@A Grain of Sand : Thank you. :)

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