Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Never Alone

There are eyes glowing green
In the dull void of the dark,
Staring at you, daring you to move.
They will never abandon you.
They shall remain over your shoulder,
Willing you to look back
Making sure you're always ready.
They smell of the noxious perfume
That would lure one's senses astray.
Clear your mind, my dear
And it glowers, frowns, it narrows
Its gaze when you know
That the true current isn't on the surface.
You are not alone in the dark, my dear.
The poltergeist of memory shall never leave.
Though the surface be windy,
The darkness suffocates, always shall.
For its true nature is revealed when
You have but closed your eyes,
The nails then come closer,
Scratch the surface of your soft skin,
Careful to stir, but not to bleed.
You are not alone in the dark, my dear.
Call on the fire of your heart and
Drown your demon with your dazzling eyes.
And then maybe, for another day, or another year,
Those eyes glowing green shall be dimmed
The claws brittled and the horror entombed.
Do this, my dear, when you are alone.
For you are never alone in the dark.


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