Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Kingdom of Night

Sleep now, my child. 
For when you wake, 
You shall remember 
None of the dreams 
That haunted you
While you lived. 
The night King comes 
For us all, and brings 
Great moments 
Of unmemorable sorrow.
Sleep now, my child. 
For when you depart
This house of horrors
To your mind full of fantasies
To die as you please 
No more at the behest 
Of a latent hunger 
That stranger's concoction 
Of fear and loathing 
And what you might see 
While the moon burns not 
But a living reflection of 
The poison coursing 
Through your very skull. 
So, sleep, my child. 
The night king awaits
To take you into his hall 
Of unmemorable memories
Where you could a face 
Off the ancient gallery 
And be whoever you pleased 
The skin that is dying 
And the mind that is bleeding 
Is what they want, my child. 
They who are benevolent in death 
But will burn you every moment 
That you are living.
They want your happiness, my dear. 
They want to stroke your neck 
With the fiery fingers of flame. 
Until a burn leaves no trace 
And your scars are tattoos. 
So watch from your shadow, my child. 
Become the masks
Become all of them. 
Wait with stealth until 
The fire's fear is but a glaze in your eyes. 
And your fingers turn blue 
Upon your slender throat. 
Wait until you have devoured the death 
Wait until you are not weary of doom
But embrace it like a good friend 
Every night, when your heart stops. 
Sleep now, my child. 
The kingdom of night awaits. 
He is smiling. 



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