Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Moment In Time

The grass grows,
And the leaves tremble,
The roads move,
When you walk beside them.
They want to feel a touch 
Of your bare feet
On every blade and every breath.
If the nothings of nobody had memory,
If they had words that they could not speak,
They would think of those days
When you ran on them,
Stopped to stare at the water flowing far away
And smiled.
They could see you with
The winds that brought
Your smile to their expanding and contracting
Monotonous lives.
You gave them meaning.
You gave them a reason to be.
That moment when you looked distantly
Into the flowing waves of the lake,
And thought your own thoughts,
Left an imprint to remain forever.

This is based on a few moments of a person shared by someone close who thinks shes like Wendy. Right, Priyanka?



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