Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love is a Sinking Feeling, Love is Bliss

How can Love be defined?

Is it a a feeling that “makes your heart feel like an overcrowded lifeboat. You throw your pride out to keep it afloat, and your self-respect and your independence. After a while, you start throwing people out – your friends, everyone you used to know. And it's still not enough. The lifeboat is still sinking, and you know it's going to take you down with it.” This is how Karla describes it in Shantaram, written by Gregory David Roberts. Is it such a sinking feeling? I reckon it might be.

But then there is an upside as well. While that metaphorical lifeboat has not yet sunk, and is moving on at its own quiet pace, love is the feeling that keeps a person alive. It gives joy and hope and has the power to make one feel invincible. I assume this might be the case as well.

So then, what is love? Is it the deepest, most profound feeling one can ever experience or is life's way of showing us how harsh reality is, that a cup can ever be so full of emotions that when more is poured too fast, the cup might topple over?

Love is a paradox we may never understand.
It is a sinking ship.
It is a speckled band.

It may fill you with laughter.
And at the same time with sorrow.
Love may be an adorned myth somewhere far.

Out of reach, out of focus.
For none can truly understand its power.
Its immensity is hazy and may never cross paths with us.

Love is misery and passion blazing.
Love is the rise and fall of the greatest times.
It brings down everything, defines nothing.

Love is that feeling, never totally monumented.
The feeling of empowered bliss and of stupendous loss.
We may never understand the magnitude of its strength.

For love is like walking a tightrope.
With no scope for an error in judgment.
I may never know what love means.
But I shall be in love again, if only to interpret love, I hope.


Sayak Shome said...

One of the many reasons why I love reading your posts is that I can relate to them so distinctly.

'Love is an enigma, and it's uncomplicated,
Love is a drug to which you give in and can't give up.
Love is a strength that's so strong that it weakens you,
Love is hope, and love is despair,
Love is love, that something that no other thing can describe.'


Priya said...

Very well written. Thank you for dropping by to my blog.

Love can be beyond bliss when two people can easily connect or fall for each other in their minds too.

Love need not be just physical isn't.

D2 said...

@Sayak :
Thanks a lot, buddy. :)
And thanks a lot more for your enchanting words. :)

@Priya :
You're right. It can be best feeling imaginable.
And thanks. :)

Purba said...

Reminded me of the Eagles number
"Love will keep us alive"

Love is also the most selfish emotion!

nithin R S said...

If we get million chances to define love,we will come up with something different.Love is an ocean in which we wish to sail.We pray that we dont get drowned it it.Always there is a shore to aim at,the distance is so long,but quite tempting.Love is an adveture that everyone cherish to take on.Nice thoughts.

D2 said...

@Purba :
Thanks a lot. That's a big compliment! :)

Nithin :
Love is an enigma.
Thanks and nice thoughts yourself.

D2 said...

@Purba :
I've never thought about love being selfish. In fact, I've always thought that love is probably the most selfless emotion.
We give love, but we can never ask for it.

Harshad Mehta said...

Love has no other purpose but to be still deeper in love!

you are already deep .....

D2 said...

@Harshad :
Very well said.
And thanks a lot, sir.

Miss D said...

I am in love with the last line...
n i wish u success in interpreting it... ;)

D2 said...

Dimi, I'd never be able to fully interpret love. But I have felt blissful love, immersed in it as we speak. :-)

Miss D said...

For all I know if it is love, it should be effortless.

D2 said...

@Enchanta : I didn't know that until now either. Now I'm quite sure of it.

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