Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Rain Brings Love

Romantic Paris Print Painting by Daniel Wall

As the first drop touches my brow.
Taking me back into the wilderness of romance.
The fiery passion of storms.
Desire, that of the wet glistening skin.
The wet earth.
The soft, dreamy fragrance in the air.
Filling up my nostrils.
Sinking into my mind.
Taking over me completely.

I feel as if in a trance.
As the battered, dying trees transform.
The bushes suddenly look greener.
New found joy after a long burgeoning wait.
Let me be lost.
Let the water wash over me in cascades.
And let me tumble and roll in glorious love.
Let it never fade away, but just remain.

The resounding power.
As it rolls the heavens asunder.
The flashes of fire up high.
Brighter than the sharpest flame.
They are merely signs of victory.
Signs of a new passion to be ignited.
A reason to carry on and believe in love.
A reason to gather courage and to hope.

And so I remain, sitting idly in the rain.
Let it never fade away, but just remain.


Richa said...

Vivid.. It really brought to mind the stormy, rainy weather.
Loved the last two lines, specially!

Surbhi Jain said...

Beautiful...!! Brought me all my memories back of rain :)

Aayushi Mehta said...

And so I remain, sitting idly in the rain.
Let it never fade away, but just remain."

You always write such powerful words. This was gorgeous.

D2 said...

@Richa :
Thanks a lot. :)

@Surbhi :
It's just beginning where I'm at!
Glad you liked it. :)

@Aayushi :
Thanks a bunch. :)

G said...

great blog, brings such inspiration to my life!

KG said...

Liked your blog, very well organized, and this poem for sure is nicely written.

Zave said...

Let it not rain, let me not think about it!
All this is killing me!
By the way, beautiful as always!

D2 said...

@Stephanie :
Thanks a lot. :)

@KG :
Thanks a lot, KG. :)

@Zave :
Don't say that my brother. We shall get you out of your new found gloom!
Thanks, by the way. :)

Ruchi said...

ok so I haven't yet read any of your poems 'coz the paintings interested me more :)
This one's a beautiful painting .. just wanted to ask, how do you get hold of such amazing works?

D2 said...

@Ruchi :
That,s ok. :D
I love those paintings as well. This one is a beautiful piece of art isn't it.
Umm, as to how I get hold of them, it's pretty simple. I google! And I look for paintings or photographs which bear any relation to what I have written. :)

Miss D said...

The rain drenches the soul and heart... leaves us lost within us...
Loved this poem... Kind of voiced some thoughts of mine...

D2 said...

@Enchanta : We totally think alike. Of course it rang a bell with you. :)

tarunima said...

that was beautiful really:)
the imagery was splendid..i could feel the words!
great poetry!:))
keep writing!:)
and thanks for visiting my blog!:)

D2 said...

@tarunima : Of course I visited your blog! You're part of this month's BAT, as am I. Thank you for the compliments. :)

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