Sunday, June 20, 2010

Understand Me, My Love

There's things I wish I could say to you.
But I do not know how to begin.
For I am unable to comprehend myself.
And everything is thus hanging on the brink.

On the edge of destruction I stand.
Unable to move, I need your help.
But I know nothing about me, none do.
Help me, before I take a backward step.

A step back into the abyss below.
The pit of my own mind, where darkness dwells deep.
I cannot fathom how far within the limits lie.
Only you can do that, but proceed carefully, the walls are steep.

I have let you in, but something inside will resist.
Step into my mind carefully, always be alert.
I may try to abscond without my knowing.
Please understand, only you can, I have given you all my trust.

And believe me, it will be worth the effort.
If you can truly penetrate the gloomy labyrinth of my soul
Deep inside and all around there is love, and it is all for you.
Let not my pain or anger control me, for then I would fold.

Understand me gently, my dear, for I am yours for
All eternity if you can withstand me.
The tangled threads of my mind are yours to set free.
And my heart is all yours, only for you shall it always beat.


Aayushi Mehta said...

Wow I identified with this at so many levels....amazing write. Totally loved it. Am truly touched.

D2 said...

@Aayushi :
Thanks a lot. :)

Journomuse said...

Interesting...I like the way you arrange your lines. Not prose but prose-ish..:)

D2 said...

@Journomuse :
Thanks. And thanks for noticing.
You're the real writer! I just think this way that I write makes the flow seem natural.

The Aspirant said...

dia was breathtaking yaar.....
d whole thing is just encapturing....totally wesum......

D2 said...

@The Aspirant :
Thanks man. :)

Richa said...

This was beautiful.. as anything with love is, which in itself is a rather strange thing.. I suppose I'm not making much sense.
Good job, anyway!

D2 said...

@Richa :
You certainly are making sense. Love is beautiful, albeit the strangest feeling one can have.
And take care of yourself.

Miss D said...

One of the best poems you have written.

A very beautiful picture to go with it.

Loved the essence.

D2 said...

Thanks a lot, Dimi. :)
This means a lot.

Geet said...

emo poem ... beautiful!

D2 said...

@Geet : There's a time in one's life when these come naturally. Thanks a lot. :)

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