Thursday, July 1, 2010


Heartbreaker Hank by Aysha Shehim

Some beliefs are never supposed to come true.
Some people are never supposed to fall in love.
He must remain confused and bewildered forever.
And only follow a path full of sinful pleasures he craves for.

Seduction is a beautiful art, he says.
The art of making others believe and fall.
Does he have a soul or even a conscience, this stalker.
As he leaves behind a path full of deceit in his wake.

Does he understand the heinous wrong he does.
In the hearts of those that cared for him but lost.
He charmed them, entered them, body and soul.
And left them as easily when they completed their roles.

His whim is satisfied, his bodily craving is satiated.
His carnal hunger is quietened down.
On a never ending search for the lust of fresh blood.
As he has no other passion in between his animalistic frustration.

Can I judge such a man when I admire him so.
Born free and running wild wherever he deems he can.
Growing to be quite like that, the heartbreaker in me endures.
Broken and torn, the heartbreaker in me stands strong.


Unknown said...

nice of ur best..

Richa said...

"Some beliefs are never supposed to come true.
Some people are never supposed to fall in love."

True. And it makes something in me feel so bad.

AldyWaldy said...

interesting thought there... mind of a casanova... well- written! :)

D2 said...

@Nish :
Thanks mate. :D

@Richa :
It is true, but I'm not sure what you're concurring from those two lines. I'm talking about a person who moves from one person to another.

@Minstrel :
Thanks. :)

Sayak Shome said...

The Heartbreaker is not born to love,
To delude is his role,
The Heartbreaker is not born to love,
But masters in hypnotizing souls.

Well written and great poem. Well, that's usual for you. :)

Zave said...

Definitely one of your most beautiful poems, even though the theme not enough beautiful.
I like it, and so will anyone I suppose.

D2 said...

@Sayak :
Thanks, mate. :)
And beautiful lines from you. You could have written this poem.

@Zave :
Thanks, buddy. :)
I do hope people like it. I'm sure you don't like the theme; it isn't romantic, but it's realistic, albeit a little too strong sometimes.

aayanman said...

Quite nicely woven,and I think the flow is good as well.
Good stuff.

Shreya said...

You write quite strongly! Very well crafted I must say.

D2 said...

@Gyanban :
Thanks, mate. :)

@Shreya :
Thanks a lot. :)

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