Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Black Death

Come see dysfunction.
The black hole of existence.
A void where we all live.
Survival in denial.
The promises I made I'm rescinding.

My lonely cry for help.
A distant voice in the dark.
The black hole sucks everything in.
The gloom swallows all.
There's nothing left for me but pain.

Buried alive in misfortune.
The greed suffocated me to death.
Extremity of burdens on my back.
The strenuous upheaval too excruciating.
Like Atlas' weight, only black.

This is something more than a sob in the dark.
There's need for a leap of faith.
But there shall be none this time.
My ensuing want for more has been the end of me.
It has been my ultimate fatal decline.

None to hold my hand as I fall.
None to sweep away my hair and comfort me.
I have lived a lonesome life of avarice.
No ghosts to light my way into the blackness.
I must now glide my own way to Hell's fiery murkiness.


Zave said...

Amazingly depressing.
That is what is coming to my mind.
However, there is always some hope with or without anyone and everyone.
I hope you realize that.

D2 said...

Zave, buddy, if I'm right in assuming I know why you think I wrote this, then I should tell you that it has nothing to do with that.
It's something very abstract that just came to my mind, the death of a wicked man.
Yeah, I know it's depressing. But a bit part of life is.

Zave said...

Actually, no.
I was not thinking anything even close to that.
I was talking about the way my thoughts were shaped when I read the verses.
So I kind of felt it was devoid of all the hopes we have, and that is way depressing.

D2 said...

Well, that's what death is, right?
The end of hope. Notwithstanding the belief of some that there are worse things than death. And dying alone is certainly a depressing thought, whatever the deeds of the person in question may be.

Zave said...

Death is the end of hope, right.
But more important is the path to death, hopelessness brings you closer to death even before time.
That is unacceptable.
The feelings which lead to it.

D2 said...

Yes, you're right. However this poem is about a man who has committed terrible deeds in his life and by the end, he realizes his crimes and so depression naturally sinks in.

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