Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brothers, Saviours

I think about ants. Wonderful creatures. Indomitable. Untamed. Steadfast. They never lose their way. I watch a lot of movies. In particular, I remember one that I saw a long time ago when I was but a little child. It was called 'Antz'. It is an animated movie about ants and the glue that binds them strongly together.

I am in a wonderful space and time (thanks to Einstein!) where I think about certain marvellous creatures. I have the privilege of living amongst these creatures. I even have the honour of being one of them, though it does not amount to anything more than trouble! That place is called Earth. The time, rather the date, is 8th May, 2010. the creatures are humans. We people can at times be incredibly unmanageable and at the same time, exhibit a bond of togetherness that only the amazing ants always possess.

At times like these I wonder, what would I have done without these people with whom I share such a stupendous bond of friendship. A monitor full of blinking lights, paraphernalia sticking into the insides of my very body is all that my eyes, devoid of perfect vision, can, perceive. I think not about those that put me here, in this gurney in the Intensive Care unit of a hospital. I think instead about the kind worried souls that brought me here, saved me, laid me to rest on this soft bed and rested my head on this soft feather pillow.

The entire period of 8th May 2010, apart from the hours of complete darkness, shall remain etched in my memory forever. The harrowing experience and my own disfigurement shall however, never remind me of the irksome responsible but shall instead be a reason to remember those that I love.

I shall forever be indebted to my mates, my brothers who literally saved my life [ two of them being partly responsible for the trouble! ( just a joke, guys. I remember nothing of that!)]. I owe not only my saviours, my comrades, those who pursued the ensuing conflict and ended it (though it was not required and I did not wish you to do such), and those who visited me out of care.
I love you all and am glad to have you in my life. You are the brothers I've never had.

PS. I am not putting up the images I normally would have, for there are several names and not as many pictures.

I am now using this post as my entry for the Blogadda contest, 'Friends Forever' to celebrate Friendship Day.
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amIT said...

oye man srsly yeh phaaaru tha n precisely hits the right emotional chords yarr...

dude rite more abt collgs....

D2 said...

@amIT da : Thanks da. I intend to write more about the life here, mine especially, of course. Later, when I can come up with some good stuff to mix it up with! :D

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

Thats what friends do .. a friend in need is a friend indeed .. even if they put u in the position first :)
We almost drowned one of our friends once while asking him to swim across a lake :)

nice one .. all the best for the contest

Someone is Special said...

A Frendship is the only relationship which has n number of names and it is the purest in the world. Frend - a simple word which synonym most powerful relationship in this world. Converts I to We - strongest bonding made of love and care!

Do stop by Saravana Kumar M - Friends Forever and feed me with your thoughts.
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Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M

D2 said...

@Bikramjit : Friendship is the best and strongest bond that can be formed between any two people.
Thanks a lot. :)

@Someone is Special : My life with my friends is something i would always cherish. :)

Miss D said...

Couldn't help but notice that this was posted on my birthday... and glad to know it was done so on a positive note!

D2 said...

@Enchanta : Your birthday would do bad if negative chords of discord were struck then. I was discharged from the hospital on the 12th itself. :)

Miss D said...

OH !
Wow !!
WOW !!!
Makes me glad to be born that day !

D2 said...

Best thing that happened that May in 1990. :-)

Miss D said...

In May, 1990, I don't know what might have happened, but I was born the next May :P

D2 said...

Of course. Forgive me for being absent minded! May 1991 was certainly a godsend month. :-D

Miss D said...


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