Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Darkness Within

Bright light burning through his body.
Dazzling like sunshine.
Flames engulfing him all over, reaching down from the sky.

The people watching above in awe.
As he glided down gently to earth.
His skin untarnished, yet inflamed raw.

Calling all to his aid.
In his sordid games of destruction.
Calling to battle his servants of fate.

None could dissuade him.
He was the almighty king of kings.
He slayed those that tried, coloured the sand crimson.

Marching forth to paradise.
None staring him in the eye.
His slaves faithful behind, all on slippery ice.

For they knew their doom was at hand.
The city of heroes was nigh.
No prisoners would be taken, their master carried the death brand.

The war now ensuing amidst the flames.
The city falling as Death struck like lightning.
Warriors fell on both sides like pawns in a game.

The inferno of a city, bathed in black and yellow.
One man rejoicing in the streets.
Dancing through his vision, his bright mind finally devoid of colour.

The blackness spreading through my heart like an icy chill.
My eyes fly open and I watch the chaos surround me.
A hideous grin on my face, the undying dark thought pervading still.
I close my eyes back again, they shall pay some other time.


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