Friday, May 21, 2010

Chained Rebel

He cannot be tamed.
No chains shall tether him to the ground.
He is not an animal.
But he is no slave either.
A simple man he is, he cannot remain bound.

Too long has he suffered stupendous burdens
Too long has he endured higher oppression.
There shall be no more of that.
There shall be no mercy shown.
They must draw back, they must now run.

The stabs of constant nagging have left bold marks.
The scars may take too long to heal.
There may be bones to pick,
Break bricks to dust.
Pulverize everything and set straight the ordeal.

There is a dream, one he has always envisioned.
He might fly away and yet be free again.
No orders, no commands he would need to follow.
Never again would he have vengeance in his heart.
A free man on a path of his own choice, his mind may never bend.

Never bend to suffering or to ill will.
He does not mean to harm any living creature.
An angel resides in that twisted heart of malice.
The spur of anger meant only for those that have suppressed.
Time may yet give way to reveal his unknown handsome features.

Time will tell, what has always been hidden.
Whether it be a lifetime of glee or a moment of disorder.
Let him be, he shall choose for his sake.
Ruthless yet kind, his mind must be set free.
Leave him be, and the rest of untold time is simply nature.


Vinita Apte said...

wow...brilliant poetry....
Discovered your blog through Indivine.

The agony of an oppressed man...I am sure our freedom fighters felt the same way under British Rule.

Maneesh Varde said...

Nice 1 D2..
Freedom fighters would have felt it but their suffering was known to others. This poem is more close to a common man esp. teenagers.
They too feel the same oppression but its not understood by anyone except friends.

Er. said...

An amazing poem, D2. It was an awesome read.

D2 said...

@Lazy Pineapple:
Thank you so much. :)
Our freedom fighters must have felt this way, certainly. That's why they lashed out ruthlessly when the time came.

@Maneesh :
Anyone rebellious at heart would feel this way, man. But yeah, you're right when you say that this one is closer to a common man's, especially a teenager's emotions. And yes, you know me better than most. That's probably why too!

@The Virgin Author:
Thanks a lot.

Er. said...


anatreek said...

Wow!, great words and amazing flow!!!.. I loved it:)

Mr. "Niraj" Lemon said...

hey..excellent poem..way to go...gr8 effort..

D2 said...

Thank you so much.

Thanks a lot, man.

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