Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blind Faith

'Trusting Feelings' by LonelyPierot at DeviantArt

Blind trust is an essential part of relationships. But when you know when to put all your faith in someone's hands and when should you look for the little voice in the back of your head telling you something's wrong?

Adam and Jenny
“Will you come with me somewhere? I want to show you something.”, said Adam to his girlfriend, Jenny.

Adam was a cop with the NYPD. He lived his days driving a police Corvette and eating doughnuts with his partner, Max. Jenny, his girlfriend, was a kindergarten teacher. They lived together.

“Sure. What's the surprise?”
“You'll see. It's somethin' really cool.”

Jenny and Adam had been dating for nearly five months. She'd moved in with him a month ago. There was no reason to not trust him. He was the nicest man she could have hoped for after her bitter break-up with her previous boyfriend. Although he had a very jealous and petty nature, he was nice to her, and that was all she wanted.

They took the subway to Central Park station. They walked to his place and went inside.

“Honey, there's things I need to know”, asked Adam.
“Yeah, what?”, asked the girl with a smile.

“Where the fuck were you two nights ago? You were out with some guy, huh? I saw you, bitch. Who was he?”

“I told you, goddamit. He was an old friend of mine. We met at work. He just started teaching there. I got him the job, remember? We've talked about this.”

“Well , I guess we haven't talked about this enough, then. Max, get the friggin' belt. Tie this whore to the bedpost. I'll teach her a lesson. Meeting other guys behind my back. Let's show her who's boss.”

Max got the belt. Adam hit Jenny hard across the face and dragged her to the bed. Together, he and his partner, tied her hands and feet. They both raped her. Then Adam strangled her to death.

Adam had recently lost his job for being drunk while on duty and they were both on coke when all this happened.

Jim and Marion
“Will you come with me somewhere? I want to show you something.”, said Jim to his girlfriend, Marion.

Jim worked as a hit man in the Chicago underworld. The Don paid him well for his kills. He was a professional. Marion was just another American girl. She knew about what happened in the city she lived in. She was also aware of what Jim did for a living. She knew the occupational hazards. She'd decided to love him. But she was always scared; scared someone from the other side of the city might kill her for bait. Jim worked hard to keep those fears at bay.

“Sure”, said Marion, albeit with the constant nagging in the back of her head that it was a bad idea, that it was unsafe to go anywhere with Jim. But he would protect her. They'd been together for only two months, but she felt in the back of her mind that Jim was the one. He would do anything for her.

They got out of his apartment building and into his Camaro and drove away. “Where are we going?”, asked the bewildered girl.
“You remember I once told you everything would be alright? Well now's my chance to make it big. You'll love it. Trust me.”, Jim replied with a smile.

After driving a while, they pulled over into the parking lot at O' Hare International Airport.

“Why are we at the airport?”

“Alright, listen. Here's your passport. I got your stuff back from your place. I think I have all you'll need. Do you remember, you told me once that you wanted out of the shit that I did? That you wanted a peaceful life on the straight side of the law?”


“Well, we're going to France. Marseilles. I got a friend there who'll fix me up with a job and I have enough money to set us up and keep us goin' for a while anyway. I love you, babe. Thanks for stickin' with me through my shit. It's time we get away from it.”

They were off on the next plane to Paris and they spent the rest of their days in a villa in the beautiful city of Marseilles.

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Aayushi Mehta said...

Very well written, you bring out the contrast between the two stories perfectly. Looking forward to reading more stories:D

D2 said...

Thanks, Aayushi. I will try my best to deliver more and better. :D

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Blind faith in love, well yes, u have to have it. But your heart always tells u if something is not right. Mostly we ignore that voice.

but nice built up of two contrasting stories!

all the best!

D2 said...

@Restless : Yeah, love has to be a good mix of faith and instinct, I suppose!
Thanks. :)

wanderer said...

Phew what a story man hats off!!
and yes thanks for the comment on a flight.
I would loveit if you come and read the poems and go through the pics at my new site-

D2 said...

Thanks, Wanderer.
I'll be sure to visit your new space. :)

Purba said...

Contrasting and conflicting.

But I felt you could have done a better job.

D2 said...

@Purba :
Yeah, I know. I haven't written conversational stuff much. I take stabs at them occasionally. I'll try to do better next time. Thanks. :)

Miss D said...

This should be a classic.

As put here, the question of trust does not arise from logical thinking. Its more of an intuition working its way out in human relations.

D2 said...

@Enchanta : You're right. The trust comes naturally if it does at all. But then it isn't black or white. There are also shades of gray in trust. And those are when we think certain people, even in relationships, can't be trusted at certain moments.

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