Sunday, August 8, 2010

Placed - 2

The placement season continues real strong. Today it was a couple of my best mates, Zave and GNUger. Persistent Systems knew them to be worthy to join the group. Man, am I proud to call them friends.

I was sure they'd make it all the way through. What I wasn't sure about was whether they really wanted to join or were simply getting an experience. It was the first company they tried out for. After the lengthy written papers were done with yesterday and their doubts about the company cleared, they actually wanted to take up the job.

The gruelling interviews lasted two days. Their were two rounds of technical interviews. Zave aced through them writing programs in every language he knew and GNUger made the lady at his panel look like a fool! “I don't know theory” was his motto, per se. One of the best techies in my batch, (the best, I'd say) he talked about photography in his HR round and they both my friends argued with their interviewers about where they wanted to be posted. It was fun listening to them with their insane descriptions!

This is truly a happy day for me. After you get placed yourself, the wait until all your best friends' jobs are done as well is hard. The results are incredibly gratifying and the euphoria is rising in me with every company that's leaving after shaking warm hands with some more of my friends.
This is one ride that's getting faster and one that I want to end real soon!

Congrats to Zave and GNUger. :)


Zave said...

Seems like it was a pay back time for you, right?
Anyways, thanks my friend.

D2 said...

you could say that! I really am glad that you got Persistent.
And this is the second of a series which will go on 'til all of us are placed. I'd be really pleased then.

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