Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Dreams Are My Own

A still from the movie, 'Udaan' (2010)

My dreams are my own.
Do not attempt to burn my dreams away.
For if you do,
In the wake of your disdainful frustration,
I shall forge my destiny anew,
My roads my own.
I shall leave you behind me.
With dreams in my mind.
And love in my heart.
But none for you, for you gave none.
I shall fly away somewhere new.
And chase my aspirations.
And you, expected benefactor,
Shall be left alone forever.

PS. Inspired by the movie, 'Udaan', which I finished watching moments ago! Everyone who understands Hindi should watch this. And those who don't, get subtitles!


Zave said...

Awesome mate.
A fitting verse for the movie.
Inspirational and revolutionary.

Chelsea said...

quite fitting and beautifully inspired. bravo.


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

D2 very well written! hmm, so the movie has tremendous effect on u. i shall watch it.

D2 said...

@Zave :
Thanks, buddy. The movie is tremendously inspirational. :)

@Chelsea :
Thank you. :)

@Restless :
Thanks. :)
Yes, it has. You must watch it!

Ire said...

Inspiring indeed! Loved the film.

D2 said...

@Nikita : The movie was brilliant! And thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Well written Bro.. I'll try watchin the movie.. Ab tak nai dekha yaar.. :D

D2 said...

@Tamanna Di :
Thanks, Di. You should definitely watch the movie! I'm telling everyone, for some reason!

Unknown said...

I loved Udaan. :D

Well written.

D2 said...

Thanks, Anuradha. :)

aayanman said...

nice and intense, quite liked it. Good job.

D2 said...

Thanks, Gyanban. :)

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