Sunday, December 26, 2010

All I Ever Asked

Loafing In The Lupin - Black Bear by Marion Rose
(The bear is timid no more)

What do we expect from the ones close to us?
Do we expect attention or love or care or something else?
I am too intricate for them to comprehend.
And so all I demand is a minuscule bit of respect.

They do not understand this bottomless mind of mine.
They have never been able to fathom what lurks inside.
Pass by the edges not noticing the gears working across.
I have failed; tried to long for them to see; tried without respite.

It's been a while now and I have tolerated for far too long.
Recognition all I seek; a little adoration wouldn't hurt either.
I do not care that they do not acknowledge what I hold close.
But their expressions now make the respect I hold for them wither.

I do not seek material gain; superficial love means nothing to me.
I do not ask to hold my pain and realize its blackness.
I do not care that they may never understand what lies below
My inscrutable visage but I scream silently for them to know; they hear but never listen.

So now I have decided that I do not care anymore.
I will extend my hand but never ask them to take it.
Never shout noiselessly again to show what I feel.
My pained mind my own; another strong barrier for them be created.

PS. The song "As I Am" by Dream Theater echoes my sentiments in the poem. There is no official video, however.


Miss D said...

But yet again, I can bet, their deletion from your life would make you quiver.

Such is life.

I ask you of one thing this day.
Read this poem ten years hence and do no question me why.

D2 said...

I suppose you might be right. But we don't know that yet. We'll see ten years hence.

Miss D said...


Zave said...

It made sense,
It made sense not.
But I ponder.

D2 said...

@Zave : Do not brood too hard and too long. It regards a couple that are close.

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