Thursday, December 30, 2010

In Search Of A Brighter Day

In Search Of Hope by Chidi Okoye

It's been a day of irritable disposition.
Nothing seems to go right at any time.
Constant bickering, nerve racking suffocation.
A way out is required; a filter for the muddy wine.

There is no contact; I am deprived of communication.
Forced to live within my brooding would have been pleasant.
But the environment is tiring, ensnaring, stoppering my motivation.
To live the day as it comes and tarry on without complaint.

But bewildered fatigue-blocked thoughts are never enough.
What can one do when hazy vision and bizarre feelings coincide.
Flashes of rage flicker within my eyes as do lovely memories equally abrupt.
A stronger thought is needed; a memory of us hand in hand, side by side.

As the day wanes on, the imagery strengthens and sticks.
Thrown into solicitude by will, the synapses tingle in one way.
Her visage, her words, her touch, keep my will from turning weak.
Tomorrow will be a brighter day, though not together, images of her are ingrained to stay.

Beautiful Woman (series) by Earl Linderman


Miss D said...

The paintings are just so beautiful and depict the poem so well !!
As for the poem, anything said is less...I just can't wait to actually see the expression on your face when the imagery you dream of day and night, actually comes true. :-)

Poetically speaking, this was a very organised poem. Every word used very appropriately, right in position !!

D2 said...

Good thing the paintings were painted!
I can't wait to see your expression when you see "The Gift". :-D

Ire said...

I find it very difficult to find images that compliment what I write...beautiful poem, beautiful paintings.

D2 said...

@Nikita : You just have to Google the right keywords and look long and hard!
Thanks a lot. :)

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