Friday, December 24, 2010

The Things I Miss

It's been a while since I've been in her presence.
It's been a little too long; the time that's kept me from her.
I long to see her, my love and my everlasting fire.
I miss my love's dear embrace as I stand alone atop this pier.

I stare into blank pages with a blue nib and lots to write.
But all that comes to mind is her smile and her laughter.
Then along with those enchanting visions comes the sensation of her touch.
And I stay this way for a while in slumber, smiling, until shaken with a lurch.

I miss the look in her eyes, filled magnificently with wonder.
Every moment that I pause to look into them.
I love and now think about the depth of her thoughts that
I always can see, veiled within those very otherwise unfathomable eyes.

I would ramble on until my heart breaks when I
Reach the end of verses and there be no more to write.
But I know that would never happen, for there is so much
Of her in my wandering thoughts; I miss her, my love, my dear, who in my heart, resides.

PS. The long gap is attributed to the fact that I was away on vacation. Thankfully, I'm back to blogging now!


Gaurav Arora said...

Reach the end of verses and there be no more to write.
But I know that would never happen, for there is so much
Of her..
Ah! Beauty!!
Magnificent is the word..

D2 said...

@GvSparx : Thank you so much. :)

Titash said...

I have two words for this one - well put. Okay make that three - very well put!

Meher said...

Very well written. Its got a dreamy, romantic feel to it. :]

D2 said...

@Titash : Thanks a lot indeed. :D

@Meher : It was certainly meant to be romantic! Thank you so much. :)

Miss D said...

...And when we breathe, we breathe in tune,
For, in a way or the other, I breathe for you,
More so knowing, that every breath you take,
Is for a reason, nothing but the same...!

I am keeping you. I love you.

Amazing poetry btw, talking any more about it would just make me sound narcissistic !

Anonymous said...

Wow..that was truly romantic :) For whomsoever you have written, the verses are truly filled with love and deep feelings ! too good :)

Khushboo R. Gandhi said...

a profound piece, liked it.

Anonymous said...

the feelings are wonderful, but the writing is commonplace:)

D2 said...

@Enchanta :
If you breathe for me, I have nothing to worry about until time be gone. And may time never take over. This is my wish.

I love you too. :-)

D2 said...

@Aarti : Thank you so much. It was written for the blogger who commented right before you did! :D

@Devilzangel : Thank you.

D2 said...

@Lioness : Feelings are always wonderful. That is why it is the job of people like us to write about them and make them understood; human emotions make for truly magnificent stories.

Criticism is always accepted. I'd love to read anything of yours.

Anonymous said...

Similar situation :) Long distance?

D2 said...

@Spunkysaturnine : Not exactly. Not yet anyway. We're on vacation now and will meet soon! :D

Uma Anandane said...

Beautiful love letter !

D2 said...

@uma : That's a nice way to look at it. :D
Thank you.

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