Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wither Will She Go

Torn Between Two Lovers by Natalie Holland

The waters are flowing without a sound.
The wind washes over them with a lull.
The birds fly with their wings spread wide.
I stand alone.
Atop the pier waiting for my ship to appear.
Out of the distant smoke that I had
Last seen it in.

She is here at last.
I see her beautiful wood.
Burnished, gleaming in the sun.
But where is she headed?
To me or some other?
I do not know.
My mind seeks answers that
I may never get.
I do not want to be reproached.

But I shall not succumb.
I am the captain, though
Not always with my vessel.
Though strange it seems.
'Tis the story, stranger than fiction.
And I shall remain loyal.
Even though my girl
Be befuddled with anxiety.
With confusion.

An unknown old power of yore.
That only she knows of.
May draw her.
I cannot help, cannot stop.
Only stand
Upon this pier.
And wait
For my darling ship
To come back to me.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Meher said...

You wont believe this, but if Jack Sparrow wasn't a weird thing, and he was the sullen, forlorn kind, this is what he'd be saying to his black pearl. True. Story.

Purba said...

Kee likhbo bujhte parchee naaa..It's so personal, the outpourings of your heart.

Just give her time...like you, she too is searching for the answers.

Miss D said...

As someone who knows what you are talking of,
I can but say your ship lingers in the ocean knowing who the captain is indeed without a doubt, but only still trying to kill the heavy waves that can do nothing but make futile tries to upturn her.
All she wants is her sailor to KNOW IT THAT HE IS THE CAPTAIN, for his doubts is what bothers her.

Poetically, this is by far your best poem. Extreme levels of intelligence used and my respect for you just multiplied.

D2 said...

@Enchanta : I really don't see where you see "extreme levels of intelligence" but I'm glad that you do anyway. :P
As for the captain, like Capt. Jack Sparrow, he knows the seas he is in and loves them and does not doubt anything for he knows he can overcome any dangers within those waters.

D2 said...

@Lioness : Thank you. :)

@Meher : Thanks a lot! :D
I should now think about starting to swagger and talk like Capt. Jack Sparrow.

@Purba Di : Jaa mone ashe likhbe, Di. Beshi bhabbe na! You can always comment on the poetry! And what you advised is exactly what I'm doing. Thanks a lot, Di. :)

Miss D said...

The dangers are long gone,
and the decision thus made is strong.

This is beautiful ! I cant help but keep reading this.
This should be published along poems of poets of the topmost league.

D2 said...

@Enchanta : This poem is probably the last of its kind if the dangers have passed. :)

And you've outdone your compliments. Stop it already! :-P

Zave said...

I very much agree to the Jack Sparrow analogy.
But on a more serious note, "that is the way to go buddy, what has to be yours, will be yours someday".

Titash said...

The analogy illustrated in your verses is an archaic concept and yet you were able to bring a very different angle to it.

Am happy I read this one.

D2 said...

@Zave : Loved what you said. And I must say that I am indeed very close to having that one "thing" that is believed should be mine. :)

@Titash : Yes, it is indeed an archaic way of putting it. I'm glad you liked my way of doing so.

Anonymous said...

I like reading your amazing post ,its like can feel within each word you write .


D2 said...

@Betcha : Thank you so much. Do keep visiting. :)

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