Thursday, April 22, 2010

Exams, Spare Me!

What was I doing?
I was up late.
With a book but misreading.

Staring everywhere but into the colourless pages.
Thought for myriad other discussions.
A blank happy look of freedom, disengaged.

Waiting for a call that may not come.
Staring avidly into a bluish - grey monitor.
The book strewn on the table, my mind infirm.

Listening to some instrumental guitar solo.
Haplessly trying to conjure it myself.
Succeeding for a moment, then staring out my window.

Watching someone striding toward my door.
The mesh forbidding me seeing too clearly.
Waiting for the knock in the morning at four.

“Let's go out”, they said with glee.
“To that all-night cafe and eat and drink.
And be merry for there is a test and thus the right time to be silly.”

And so we did, take our books and drive.
All the way to that little bistro in town.
We did some work, but we certainly had a great time 'til five.

Time to come back, a test awaited our presence.
Examination time strikes again!
The clock ticking, I was frantically going through rudimentary oddments.

Waiting for a call to wish me some luck.
A ping of good hope.
As I stared into the pages almost dumbstruck.

Drove again to the examination chamber.
Stepped inside to find people picking brains.
“How can they study so much?”, was all I thought in wonder.

Three hours went by and I didn't even notice.
Came out with an inscrutable face.
“How'd you do?”, they asked; “Don't ask”, I replied viciously.

Walking back with my friends, we discuss.
It wasn't that bad now, was it.
We wonder why these people worry over tests and create a fuss.

And then, as the need to sleep arose and I bid my mates goodbye.
“Answer me”, said the phone, the long awaited call was here.
“I'm sorry I couldn't call, how'd you do”, asked she.
“Eh, not too bad”, with a smile on my face, said I.


Maneesh Varde said...

nice compilation D2..
now I learn that all that amazes is not fiction. With 'Exams! Spare Me', I'll always remember the night before our CS-352 Majors. Another sweet memory of the 4-year vacations at NIT-Bhopal.

D2 said...

@Maneesh : well, if true stories amaze, then there's a lot to write about!
thanks man.
there's a lot to remember!

Miss D said...

Kind of lame, to be honest. :P
Would not have voted for this, EVER for every reason you can think of :P

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