Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Very Interesting Birthday - My 20th

I was in my room all alone.
Forgotten that a memorable time was to come.
Friends came and spoke of it.
My mind said it was a waste.

These thoughts went back the last few weeks.
Times had been rough, I had become meek.
The unhealthy head of mine spurned misery.
But at midnight's loving stroke, it disappeared, the insanity.

A moment to remember, one to rejoice.
Dozens of people cheering, delirium was my voice.
The friendly affection pulling me through.
Everything else was then point blank moot.

My phone ringing, thrown away somewhere.
Ignoring her call, my mind happily elsewhere.
The rough weeks forgotten, troubled waters
In another world where nothing grew, there were no flowers.

It is the end of a remarkable era.
Revelations floating in the very air.
Love turns to indifference, very nearly to hate.
Hope springs anew, my head clears, it's time to wait.

The smoke and the cake disappeared.
The ashes left behind emotions remnant.
But whatever remains now is very trivial.
After realizing the past year was mostly superficial.

Another year ends, the day wanes on to darkness.
My thoughts are my own but there isn't any emptiness.
The day has nearly ended and I breathe an elated man.
Anger, disappointment, revelations and joy abound.

It has been a tumultuous ride.
Too many times have I cried.
The misery is behind me, weep shall I no more.
It's been an interesting twentieth, forever shall it remain in my memory stored!


Zave said...

Awesome post brother!
Loved every bit of it, the emotions and also the intent behind it.
And the words were well woven too!
Good work!

D2 said...

Thanks a lot buddy....

Richa said...

Great work!
Good to see you get better.. really happy news! :)

Miss D said...

The muddy water has a fresh new scent,
The wind that had blown all hope away is now a breeze,intent,
The counted days are marked with hope,
For here is to a new era that shall resound and glow.

D2 said...

@Enchanta :

The water is muddy no more but crystal clear.
And as the breeze continues to blow silently and softly,
The days turn to memories as more push their way in.
The new age continues with splendour, gloriously fulfilling, enchanting.

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