Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Indian Education System Is Horribly Misconstrued

What is Artificial Intelligence?

When I came to know I was going to be studying this subject in my sixth semester of engineering, I though it would be an amazing experience, maybe being able to understand how to design the 'brains' behind robots or something.

Honestly, I haven't studied a more mundane subject! The first few lectures in my college started off with a teacher introducing herself in broken English. I won't take hr name here in case she sees this post somehow. My final exam on the subject is tomorrow and I certainly don't want to get screwed over. She couldn't speak a word and she tried hard to dictate broken passages from books all semester. I remain amazed at how the education system can throw such crass teachers onto us and expect us to someday make them proud!

There's an incredible amount of knowledge to be gained once we start our education. People keep telling us that college life is all about booze, drugs and sex. Adults advise us to refrain from that supposedly apocalyptic bullshit. The truth is, once I entered college, full of excitement and purpose, I realized in a few days that enjoying oneself was the only way one could describe college life. I was skeptical at first but my incredulity went away soon enough when I started attending classes in my (one of the topmost engineering institutes in the country) college.

In my sixth semester now about to end, with only a year more of this beautiful life, I still have not learned much, or rather, anything at all from going to class. I take exams based on how I studied my books, not how I took notes in class. Not to undermine the few dedicated teachers who do find their way up in my respectful eyes, but the rest are, sorry to say, utterly dead from the neck up.

What has become of the education system of this country which boasts of producing some of the best engineers on the planet? Rather, how much of their brilliance would they attribute to the people who taught them? Was there any impetus from their side at all?

I say most of the dull batch of teachers who find their way into top-notch institutions should be chucked out without even too much of a fair warning. They don't even deserve to be here as much as the students themselves do, who cracked gristly exams just to be here. May we have someone better to teach us. Maybe the future batches of engineers would, anyway.

Artificial Intelligence remains a very interesting subject for a computer science graduate student like myself, but it simply eludes me to the point where I study it only to clear and maybe do well in a test. My prowess at programming is nearly not enough to teach me AI without external help, and cottoning on to that fact, I can say that I would turn out to be a rather mediocre engineer.

I just feel sorry for myself and my peers who have to go through this time and be a part of this dimwitted education system.


Surbhi Jain said...

I completely agree with you in this one!! Indian education systems lacks alot in terms of teachers, course content, methods of teching n stuff like that....
Its disgraceful to say that future of all the students like us are at a stake!!

D2 said...

What's worse is their sense of complacency when they're pointed out their mistakes and their stupid justification of the system.

G said...

haha.. this perfectly translates our thoughts on AI, and our classes in general ... bizzare is the word for such teachers and such a system... awesome read !

D2 said...

@G :
Thanks a lot. :)

Indeed, most of these classes make no sense at all. And then they ask why we don't attend classes! It's all screwed up.

Miss D said...

Elaborated too much already on this, personally to you.

Plus if I begin, there will be another post here, only lengthier and horribly profane.

That's that.

D2 said...

I certainly do not want explicit profanity on my blog, unless it is in a post! :P

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