Monday, April 12, 2010

Your Time Will Come

Here we go again.
The wheel rotates once more.
The passion coursing through my veins.
The blood pouring out of all the holes.

The orifices tiny yet painful.
The adrenaline pumping me all the time.
Keeping me alive, keeping me awake.
Helping me endure the wicked crime.

Melancholy feelings all gone.
The depression pushed away.
The fire is all that's left within.
All you hated, now crouch and pray.

Your time will come.
When you will fade to dust.
The darkness will shadow you.
And take you screeching in lust.

No hero for you, no saviour whatsoever.
This is my moment, and yours to suffer.
For suffer you will, in the time to come.
From blood to ashes, nothing must remain in the coffer.

I shall not watch for your doom, as it comes.
I shall not protect you, or even try.
My turn to laugh at your sorrow.
Your chance to burn, your chance to cry.

And suffer you will, my wild heart says so.
The adrenaline pumping it madly on.
The hate inside me, keeping me sane.
Your condemnation keeping me strong.

PS. Wrote this in a moment of rage. Please do not think otherwise!


Zave said...

And it has come out beautifully brother!

D2 said...

thanks man!

Miss D said...

angry young man. xD

D2 said...

Very angry indeed, Dimi. :D
Aag babula, in fact. :P

Miss D said...

hehe, my aag babula... all softened now :-)

D2 said...

@Enchanta : yes, of course. A wave of soft watery breeze swept over me. :-)

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