Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friends, Inspirers

What do i do when I don't feel creative?
When the zing is absent.
The electricity in my brain discharged.
The zeal all but gone, though.
The intensity there, just not
Reverberating in my head.

At times like these, I look to those.
That inspired me.
Not to create, but to think.
The creation was my own doing.
The languid occupants in the room.
Doing nothing but speak broken phrases.
Mostly unrelated, all meaningless.

Giving me a reason for that creation.
A sense of purpose to end the boredom!
No music blaring in my ears.
No smoke stinging my eyes.
Just me and my keys and fingers.
Thinking hard, beyond the ennui.

Nothing relevant is scrapped down.
Vague and meaningless it might be.
But pleases my heart to think of my friends.
Doing nothing as always, but making time to think.
Always caring, seldom encouraging!
But then that's friendship, loose time and lots of care.

PS. You guys are the best! And those that are not in the pictures as well. Cheers to all of you guys.


Unknown said...

saale poem to thik hai...meri motape wali photo kyu daali...main hi chutiya lag rha hu us pic mein...

D2 said...

@Nisheeth : thanks man..
aur saale, tu motape mein hi achha lagta jaisa! isse achhi pic mil nahi sakti teri..

Zave said...

Main toh comment hi nahi kar raha hun, mera pic toh hai hi nahi!

D2 said...

@Zave : arre mujhe mil nahi rahi thi tere saath akele ki pic...ab ek doosri daal di hai...gussa mat ho yaar!

Zave said...

Aab main bolunga taab toh tu daal hi dega!

D2 said...

@Zave : abe main teri ALAG se pic dhund raha tha because isme tu itna clear nahi hai! ab maaf kar de saale!

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