Saturday, April 24, 2010

Will, Won't

I haven't ever seen her.
But her thoughts cloud my mind.
Cloud my judgment, my better sense.
I cannot rest, I must unwind.

She's in my dreams.
She's always where I go.
Never leaving me.
Although it is I that follows.

Does she know about my pain.
Would she understand how much I care.
Because she doesn't even know me.
Though I want to lay everything bare.

Unspoken words always flitting around.
How can I utter them when she loves another.
She has not seen me yet.
For I am solely hers, I must be better.

What must I do to rid myself this bitter chaos.
Will, won't is all that engages me.
I cannot speak, I cannot see her, this is agony.
Should I wait, or set my love free.

No, I am at a loss, for I try to do both.
Must I fail as I always have?
I try to let her know, yet the words are scrambled.
My heart urges, for it is empty and starved.

My heart yearns for her.
Yet I do not know how to wait.
But wait I must, and free her I should.
For I am hers, she might be mine someday, I must trust in fate.


Miss D said...

I hope u do trust in fate... now.

D2 said...

Now more than ever. :-)

Miss D said...

Confused whether I should or not,
yet I somehow feel very close to this poem of yours...

D2 said...

And why should you not? This poem was written for nobody in particular. I transfer the dedication to you now. :-)

Miss D said...


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