Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Our history is sketchy.
Our deeds bloody.
Our acts have been messy.
This gory reality can never change.

We were defined by our rage.
The senseless wars that we wage.
We must dwell in cages.
For that is what we truly are.

We must not forget our true origins.
We must know enough to live by our sins.
We are monsters by God's creation.
Harm is what we cause, hate we spread.

The truth shall always remain perverted.
Victims of our own fate, we will always be hated.
Not only by others but from within, to rot are we fated.
We must live with this hate, for we must not forget who we are.

Our origins are what keep us alive.
Battling on with our will to survive.
Our aim to annihilate, our mission to deprive.
We are Gods, we are worms, we are black souls.

We must not forget the darkness that bequeathed us
And gave us the love of hatred, the inverted cross
Emblazoned on our very hearts.
Black is how we were born, that is our origin.

PS. This poem is inspired by the song, Before I Forget by Slipknot and at this moment, I feel myself connecting with the song quite a lot!


Anto said...

Good one! the poem is so generalised it is not sparing anyone. Would have been great if you would have made some space for few good people around the world.

D2 said...

Sorry about that then, Anto.
It's just that I was in a particularly dark mood at that time!

And in any case, there is man's history of anarchy which sort of gives way to one's dark side. Everyone has a dark side, even the best of us.

Anyway, welcome to Writering!

Maverick said...

Dark and intense...a brutal sense of a perpetual reality that lives and breathes among us, within us....this one is enchantingly beautiful because it is free from pretenses..it sees the situation as it is without unwanted doses of illusionary optimism...stark reality!!!

luvd dis one! :)

D2 said...

Glad you liked it, Maverick. :)

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