Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We hate India? Seriously, why?

Today I came across a topic I did not know much about earlier. There are various communities calling themselves 'Hate India'. I also visited and read through some of the blogs related to the topic in hand. It's infuriating seeing people prejudiced against a nation they know little or nothing about. People cite bizarre reasons for their hate. Some morons give reasons such as “Indian people stink; they fart and burp in public”!

It's insane the lengths people would go to make themselves heard, citing points which are completely based on personal prejudices and mean nothing when it comes to a community as a whole. It is true that India is a country with a myriad number of flaws in various sectors of its political system, judicial system, lifestyle (sometimes) but that shouldn't be a reason to hate the country which, in many cases, has made one what he is. Yes, there are indeed Indians who are of the belief that India is going to the dogs, already has, they would probably say. But it's very wrong to judge a nation of a billion plus population by the deeds of a few.

The worst part is that these people, the so-called Indian India-haters, can only complain. They complain about the poverty, about the racist division, about the corruption. HAVE THEY ACTUALLY EVEN TRIED TO MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE? Every nation has its flaws. True, corruption is overflowing in India. But it is hardly any less in the USA. It just isn't that visible. People don't hear about such cases in the USA often. Not only the USA, but every country has flaws. It shouldn't be a reason for people to hate them.

I respect and love my country because in spite of all its problems, all its crises, it has risen against all odds and if I might say so, India has truly proven her worth.

Jai Hind.


Maneesh Varde said...

yeah! u'r right. These Indian India-haters who never refrain from maligning about their own birth-place should shampoo Obama's crotch.
*Obama here is just a metaphor.

D2 said...

@Maneesh : hehe..bit strong there mate. But yeah, you're right. And it's not only meant the people in the US, but other countries as well, who only judging by their sometimes better standard of living, think they're better than the rest of their own natives.

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