Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Death Beckons

Was this to be my destiny?
Have I done any deadly wrong?
What did I do to deserve such misery?
Death is now singing a dark, sweet song.

Melodious it may be to the Reaper.
It burns me like hot coal.
I have not been able to find peace with her.
How would I, it was my heart she stole.

And kept it safe for a while she did.
Until when a time came that
She saw no reason in keeping it
Safe, she had gotten bored of the heart.

But she had yet to know of her own feelings.
The time was a period of turmoil.
For she hurt me often and it did sting.
She tore it as easily as it was tin foil.

For my heart was very warm towards her.
I had bequeathed it to her till the end.
My life with her had been a blur.
My heart will not now mend.

She did it slow, she did it quick.
Everything happened in moments.
The future now seems very distant and bleak.
A time must come that my rhyme must end.

Death beckons, I am not yet at on that path.
I don't know whether i must travel there yet.
She was all that was holding me back.
She's gone now, but my life still isn't set.

Somehow even after all the thunder.
I do still see a glimmer of hope.
That is keeping me at bay from this maddening fever.
Otherwise at Death's door would rest my corpse.


Miss D said...

Loved the composition.
Hated the thoughts.

D2 said...

@Dimi : eh, nothing to say here. Glad you liked the poem, though! :)

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