Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Inexistence of Hope

What is hope and what does it mean?
It is a myth that endures all time.
It is a legend that is passed on by mere thought.
It doesn't exist, just something pretended, like a mime.

Hope is a mere fallacy that people tend to believe in.
It is a disease that may spread rapidly.
Yet sometimes it does not appear.
Where is it then, when i'm staring into space vapidly?

It is something we think makes us strong.
Instead it makes us weak.
Fills us with fantasies of a time that may not come.
It's all man in solitude thinks of sitting by a creak.

Why do people talk about it then?
What does 'glimmer of hope' even mean?
What is a cloud with a silver lining
But a foolish thought of a time that will never have been.

Sitting in the mess of my abode i think.
What to feel when there is only loss.
The thought of despair and gloom spreads over.
Where was hope, what was it, when did it cross?

It is a false reality that makes one glad.
A phase in which one is peaceful.
But it is like a dream and when broken,
He feels how the black morning is cruel.

It is now my condition too at this very moment.
Nothing to do, nothing to play with, all is strange.
Hope doesn't seem to exits anymore, it flew away.
With time, without grace, leaving me in my wreckage.


Khushboo R. Gandhi said...

quite nice i'd say :D

D2 said...

Thank you, devilzangel!

D2 said...

Thank you. :)
I'll check out your site. :)

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