Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Love is War

The times have changed.
Many months have gone by.
We are no more who we were.
We have forgotten a lost cry.

A lot has been left behind.
Some things that should
not have been left.
It's not bad, just at odds

But the difference is striking,
Seemingly peculiar.
At times, very painful
At times, not crystal clear.

But now the anguish has subsided.
The aftermath, though, remains.
All that is left behind
Is ours to claim.

And claim we will someday.
That day is soon to come.
Not long after now,
I sense a new beginning shall come.

A new ideology we need.
Or maybe just the old one.
With it, we can be together.
We shall be brighter than the sun.

It is but a cycle.
A vicious cycle of love and hate.
We had got too frenzied, too mad.
It's just ill luck such was our fate.

But fate will help us.
I'm sure of that.
Fate has nothing to lose.
Fate shall give us all that.

That we had lost.
Or else there shall be war.
And war it will be.
A furious long fight is in store.

Because in love and war,
Nothing is held fair.
So it may be in our power
To defeat fate and sit on the high chair.

But war or not,
one thing is for sure.
The battle for love shall not end.
The end is the ever-healing cure.

And just this way, i shall strive.
If strive i must, if it be my destiny.
For i have only thought of the goal.
Though the path be kept by sentinels.

And so i know that 'we'
cannot come to a bad finish.
We can only win.
The end of this tale has no bad fish.

And ending my verse i must say
i promise you this, my darling.
I shall never stop trying or believing.
Loving you always, to you i will always sing.


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