Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It Is How It Is

How did we come to this?
That moment where all hope is gone.
How did we end up here?
Was it my fate to finally sing this song?

Everything used to be merry between us.
Everything was, in some measure, just fine.
But it all get wretched somehow.
Somewhere down the line, everything was dying.

I didn't want it to end this way.
But who am i to choose my own destiny.
I may only shape it, take a different path.
The end will be the same, the road be green or frisky.

At one's last breath one sees his life before his eyes.
It was something like that in the end.
Because now i am thrown into despair thinking,
There will be no more messages to send.

That lull of loneliness has now become a wave.
Swept all over me, from inside, deep within.
It's a cold feeling, this pointless crying.
Cold, wet and miserable, though the sun be bright and shining.

But i still do wonder, where did it all go wrong?
Was it my fault, it must have been.
Otherwise why would she feel suffocated.
Maybe this i should have foreseen.

It was what she wanted, to be left alone forever.
And so i grant her that wish.
Though i be weeping inside, i want her to be happy.
Maybe someday, she will have a true love's kiss.

You must feel pity for me, that i am so alone.
Well, don't. I deserve every bit of this.
This is my punishment, hopefully my bane.
But i shouldn't hope too much, because it is how it is.


Miss D said...

Aww... honey. :(
It never is your fault, you know.
It never is. :)

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