Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Great Fire of Hell

My past is riddled with terrible deeds
The creator of the bad kind of creed
I hold myself responsible
For all that I have done
And now I must burn.

Skeletons have filled up my closet.
There’s someone hiding beneath my bed
All this is killing me to the point of giving up
I try to hold on looking up at the sun
Thinking there may be hope, but now I must burn.

At this very moment,
I have lost my mind
Self- flagellating,
thankfully losing my pride
I have come to realize
that I must be the Devil
If not Satan,
then I must be his son
And since I live in hell anyway,
it’s easier to burn.

Hurt too many people
without even realizing it
Now I am caught
in a crazy furious fit
Things are happening which would
certainly change me forever
They had been awaiting me,
lying dormant
Waiting for this very moment,
when I would start to burn.

The fire has engulfed me,
I am lost in the flames
Too much has gone wrong,
it must be my bane
What for is this all happening,
I have thought
It is but my wrongdoing,
all just a stupid stunt
And now I must pay the price,
I must burn.

Once the process is complete,
and there are only ashes left
To the girl who stole my heart,
it was the most amazing theft
I am sorry I have hurt you so,
now I set you free
My last breath vanquished,
you could not save me
But that is how I wished it so;
keep me now in your urn.
My time has ended, beautifully so,
I saw you while I burnt.


Dimitri said...

The last para was very INTERESTING...!!

D2 said...

Nice that you think so, but what about it interested you?

Enchanta said...

"My time has ended, beautifully so,
I saw you while I burnt."


D2 said...

And that is merely something very ingrained in my philosophy. Glad it made such an impact on you, of all people. It would apply to you too, you know.

Enchanta said...

Ingrained? I don't think I would forget it in the next ten lives; its etched into my soul, for all I know !

D2 said...

Like I said, it applies to you. :-D

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