Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Need of the Hour

Everything does seem lost now.
It all does seem unattainable.
I don't know where to begin.
It is also so very unstable.

Life it seems has come to a stand-still.
It isn't the end, just a pause.
It is a flaw in the grander scheme of things.
More may still come for the good cause.

Water will always flow on no matter where it is stopped.
The same way, this is just a break.
It cannot end, that is not the way.
Certainly not by my will; all is at stake.

A broken glass may be mended, made anew.
There is still hope, things may be renewed again.
There may be splinters lost, askew.
But the glass will be fixed, it may be filled with wine once again.

Hope is what is needed, it is what makes me strong.
It is but my only will to survive.
And hope i shall have, until my last breath.
For it is the only thought that can revive.

From my endless nightmare of loss and suffering.
It can keep the wicked thoughts at bay.
The demons of the night, even the day.
Must lose this war, it is my only way.

I must have hope, above all else.
That life will change hereforth.
And it must change even after hope endures.
For otherwise, hope may endure no more.


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