Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Bad days are going by
I have just lost it all
Things aren’t what they seem
And they don’t seem to stall

Misery is setting in
I just lost control
Can’t allow that anymore
I won’t make you crawl

So much pain I never knew
And it’s all because of me
Now I understand it all
Finally, I have the sense to see

Explanations overdue
I know you’re waiting for ‘em
And have them you will
Until then I won’t dream

You just mean so much to me
And I need you so
Just to survive, more important
Than oxygen, you’re my will to grow

The thing is, I’m just as useless
And that scares me to hell
But I get your lack of trust
That is why I fell

The little that you may have
I shall not break
That is my promise, my love
And my love won’t put it at stake

I hope you do regain it all someday
I shall wait patiently
Till then, let pain subdue me
And peace be gone permanently


Miss D said...

Yes, I have been going through your older posts again.
I like to do that when I am free. And somehow your older posts show me a "you" I want to know more of. He's very different and I am very curious.

They even make me want to write and sing, yes, sing.

D2 said...

I dread what you might want to write or sing about upon seeing my older posts, to be frank. :-/
But I wouldn't mind satisfying your curiosity if that's what you want.

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