Saturday, March 13, 2010

A tribute to The Lord of the Rings

Remember how Ted Mosby from the How I Met Your Mother series watches Star Wars in 'good times and bad'? There's something similar with me as well. My favourite movies are The Lord of the Rings trilogy. There's something about them that fills my heart up with grief and joy and pride all at the same time. I guess it must be weird to feel that way about a movie. But nevertheless, it's true. It's a few movies I can watch as many times as I care, and yet be amazed at the grandeur of the spectacles in every scene. There are a myriad of emotions coursing through the story. All that stuff we read about good and evil in fantastic novels, this one included, of course (my favourite, again!) doesn't just belong in those pages. That's because it would take more than a 1000 something pages, really much more, to actually be able to comprehend the good and evil in everyday life. Today, in a fit of anger and sorrow, I threw around a lot of things in my room. It all seems worthless now. I had to clean the whole mess up. What was the point of resorting to an act of undecided evil, which wouldn't even somehow lead to anything noble? Pointless.

A great story is that which holds many meanings. One finds the meaning that one desires, the one he seeks. In a time of grief, I wished to be alone, a reminder of the story helped me to regain the fact that I am never completely alone. Certainly, I'm not a sage! It's remarkable how I never thought of something so simple earlier. It was then shown to me in a very subtle form of a film on my laptop screen.

It's amazing how quickly small things are able to change the pace of life, change the way one thinks, even if it is for only a few hours. It gives me hope. It fills me up with a glow, much like the one the White Tree created in the hearts of the men of Gondor, or the flame of surprised happiness on finding Gandalf alive, after everyone thought he's been killed by the Balrog, or yet the warm feeling in Aragorn and Arwen's hearts whenever they shared intimate moments together. It makes me wonder that maybe the world isn't so wretched after all. My broken heart may still be sewn back together. For these few hours at least, I'm glad to find an ounce of hope for the future.


Aayushi Mehta said...

Wow, I saw a link for this in your linked within, and being a huge fan myself, I had to read it. Very nice post, I totally adore both the movies and the books myself, have read and watched both multiple times :D
The series always leaves me amazed and speechless.

D2 said...

I've read the book several times and watched the movies many times as well. They always leave me spellbound.

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