Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Drug Addict

Happiness is merely a drug.
The toxic fumes inside your head.
It makes you spin, run amock.
But if you're not careful.
It'll get you dead.

Because that's what drugs do.
They fuck with your mind.
Mess with your thoughts.
And when they're gone.
You're just running blind.

Happiness is something like that.
It stays merely for a while.
Then in a fleeting moment.
It makes way for the next thought.
This can make you go insane, make a good man vile.

It steers your thoughts.
Far away from reality.
It's too damn harsh, too brutal.
Too hard to handle.
For any boy in this evil city.

There's one brief moment.
You're on top of the world.
The very next second.
Stark, gross reality hits you hard.
And keeling over, you're back in the fold.

'tis another vicious cycle.
The great cycle of life.
It's just wondrous, how things happen.
When everything changes.
Life seems like a fruitless strife.


Miss D said...

Awesome poem.
One of your best.
I wonder why I hadn't commented before.

D2 said...

Thank you, love. :)
You just missed it.

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