Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hope Is Not Enough

When small things have brought you down
And the world just doesn't turn around
If you think it's all gonna get better
Then pull your socks up and do something

But things don't always just stay the way they are
When you've reached the lowest it can only get better
But how'll you know the worst point in anything
that can only happend when you've alrady been there

Otherwise you're just left pondering possibilities
And anything that can end the mess you created
Sometimes nothing works because you just don't want it to
When that happens, you know you've reached an all-time low

But then, the end of it all the worst possibilty
And the consequences of that are unendurable
So then your all-time low is not the
worst-case scenario, but just the beginning of the end

So if you want to make things worse
just hang on to what you have and hope
But sometimes simply hoping can just
delay you from doing the right thing

So then what are you gonna do about it?
It's upto you to figure out
There are endless possibilities about
how this is going to turn out

However it does, it's in your hands now.


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