Sunday, March 21, 2010

Behold Confusion

At a time when nothing has meaning.
What do you do?

Do you look to the ones you love?
Or do you keep to yourself in your den.
And hide away all alone?
Do you move to the music that you play?
Or do you get in touch with your inner child.
And with all the emotions, simply fall away?

At a time when nothing makes sense.
What do you do?

When there's lies all around you.
There's very few that you can trust.
Who would comfort you out of that gloom?
When music and books are merely a diversion.
They're no habit or hobby anymore.
Would you fight or go into submission?

At a time when there may be nothing to look forward to.
What do you do?

It is wishful thinking that everything will be alright.
Because can you even second-guess the next moment?
Happiness and depression combined is a bitter fight.
Which will be the victor is a tough one to answer.
When nothing is decisive, much is unknown.
Shooting in the dark, battling to survive against an invisible warrior.

At a time when you feel hope but lose it soon again.
What do you do?

I don't know what the solution to this mystery is.
But I am holding on nevertheless.
Must keep my wits, and hold on 'til it ultimately finishes.
Must keep my brain close, and my heart closer.
Must fight on, must not fear the blackness.
For if I win or lose, there will still be an answer hidden somewhere.

At a time when you seem lost between hard choices.
What do you do?

You hold on and don't lose patience.
Because hope is the essence.
That would keep you strong and on your feet.
You must remain strong, never for a moment be weak.


Er. said...

You are REALLY superb with meaningful words!

D2 said...

@Virgin Author:
Thanks a lot, man. That makes me feel really honoured.

Miss D said...

Wishful thinking... indeed. :-)

D2 said...

@Dimi : out of the whole poem, it's those words that caught your eye. They mean something else entirely now. :-)

Miss D said...


Miss D said...

I read this again. :)

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