Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Relationships = Politics?

Relationships are a lot like politics. I'm a guy. In fact, I'm just another ordinary guy. The only thing different about me, probably, is that I'm a little more into the romantic stuff than a guy usually would be. A relationship, for me, is not all about sex. There needs to be a good bit of romance in it. That's the essential ingredient anyway. Getting back to the whole political relationship analogy, since I'm a guy, whenever I have a problem with something, I'm direct about it. I would directly approach my girlfriend saying “That's wrong, you shouldn't do that.” The problem begins where she starts thinking my method of telling her this is incorrect. That's where the whole politics similarity comes in.

Some like it straightforward. It makes the situation easier to analyze. It's easier to express. It's completely precise and to the point, unless inaccurate. So why is it wrong? This is me. I guess girls like the judgment rolled out to them not straight out, but twisted, so they can decide for themselves whether they're wrong or not. Is that right? I mean, is that the right way? Maybe it is. I wouldn't really know until I try it out anyway.

The whole problem lies in the fact of pretense. I mean, maybe it is the right way, letting them figure out their mistakes on their own instead of spoon-feeding them. But what if they (she) keeps committing mistakes, hurts me in the process, and forgets about it later, only to do it again? Is that normal? If it is, that's just weird. I guess life is weird, but this is just bizarre. But then again, it may be simply a miscalculated observation. Life is never that easy to figure out anyway, even if it is weird and that isn't coming from years of experience, it's a known fact!

A relationship is a beautiful, yet a strange mode of life to get into. I know I seem to have made a lot of errors in the communication department. I'm certainly trying out new theories now. I just have to see if I can handle the pressure and if it would be fruitful because if it is, the whole chaos would be worth it.

I simply have to look before I leap, which isn't easy when I'm running. So I guess I just have to slow down!


Miss D said...

Everybody is different.
So theories would not work if you generalize. ;)

D2 said...

Generalizing just does not work. I do know now! :D

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