Wednesday, March 3, 2010

True Love Really Never Ends

Sometimes certain things are best left unsaid
But then I never realize how bad I've truly been
Everything is not in order but the cradle
Of life must go on and then will I have truly seen.

I am just a fool succumbing to my ridiculous thoughts
Problem is that those very thoughts are paving the way
For the difficult times that we face, and I brought
Them upon you, it's so disgusting I begin to sway.

I am repulsed with who I am and what I've always been
Being a hypocrite, I talk bad of men who have faces
Like me, I don't know why it took you so long to see
The real me, the depraved being that is my case.

Now I am scared of your knowledge and to what it may lead
Things haven't been happening quite the way I would
Like them to be, and I'm afraid I may be laying the seed
Of something, the only thing that ever shivered me as I stood.

But then we should both open up to each other
If it isn't too late, I may still mend things
You already know of my true colours
But I may still change that and then it won't all sting.

A boyfriend and lover aren't the same
I did not understand what that meant
What I do know is that I am to blame
Everything about me, my horrid stench.

Because baby, I dearly love you and would gladly die
For you if that is be required of me.
To see you happy, if I must then I would cry
Until the time when I would have to set you free.

Until that fated day must arrive
I will care for you in all ways that you may need
None of your needs shall I deprive
Because I will always love you, even after I have set you free.


Miss D said...

Beautiful painting...
Beautiful words...
"Indescribable" is how I would describe it.

Also, again... incites a lot of questions.

D2 said...

Thanks, Dimi. :)
If it's indescribable, there must be questions. So what are they?

Miss D said...

Already asked and answered I believe.

D2 said...

I can only hope that answers were to your satisfaction.

Miss D said...

The last line seems amusing now!

D2 said...

But of course. :P

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